My 3 Favourite Natural Beauty Brands


My Mum has always loved testing out new make-up and beauty products. If she wasn’t an art teacher, she’d be working for a make-up company, developing products and helping everyone feel fabulous. She’s always experimenting with the latest formulas and I think I’ve always been quite interested in this too.

However, since moving to Australia and really getting my health back nearly 5 years ago, I wanted to change how I used beauty products. I wanted to convert to more natural, plant-based products- not out of fear, but because for some reason, I seemed to feel more beautiful when I used them.

It hasn’t been easy however- some of the formulas of many natural products didn’t seem to suit my skin and there’s a lot of ‘green-washing’ around at the moment. But I’ve been using the brands below for a long while- I just love them and all they stand for. Here are my 3 favourite natural beauty brands.

lush australia


I have been a long-time fan of Lush. In fact, as I’ve probably mentioned on a number of occasion, I credit Lush (more specifically, the UK Lush forum), with getting me back into socialising with other people again. My health was far from fabulous, but these were the first people I had spent an afternoon with in my year of being severely affected by M.E. I managed to buy a few bits and pieces from the Lush shop in Newcastle (U.K) and somehow managed to sit in a café and drink a cup of tea with them. I don’t think they’ll ever realise how grateful for welcoming me so openly.

I know that some people can’t stand the smell of the shop (I love it!) and they do use SLS in some products (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), but shopping their makes me feel so excited and childlike, which can only be a good thing. They’re also incredibly conscientious about animal testing and reducing environmental waste.

Favourite Products

Karma perfume- I’ve been wearing this for years and keep coming back to it.

Fresh Farmacy- my skin is sensitive, but blemish-prone, and this little beauty has really sorted it out.

ere perez pictureEre Perez

Once I got rid of all the chemical laden shower and face products I was using, the next step was make-up. As you might know if you’ve been through the same thing, finding pure, chemical-free make-up is a bit of a challenge. I ordered from Ere Perez on a whim earlier this year and I absolutely love it.

Finding a natural mascara which delivers great results and stays put has been a real task, but Ere’s Perez’s Almond Oil mascara is incredible. Just remove with Almond Oil on a cotton pad and you’re good to go. I wouldn’t be without it.

Favourite Products

Almond Oil Mascara- incredible lasting colour and consistency

Cheek and Lip tint in ‘Joy’- a gorgeous stain made from beetroot extract

Oat Milk Foundation- it’s taken me so long to find an natural foundation with a suitable texture, but here it is!

mukti organics picture

Mukti Organics

I was lucky enough to visit the Mukti Organics factory during our mini-honeymoon in Maleny (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia) after using their products for a while and hearing about them from the beautiful, Jess Ainscough. Visiting the factory and shop was incredible, as I was able to truly get a sense of how much they care about their products and how passionate they are about doing their part for the environment.

Favourite Products

Roll-On Deodorant- unisex deodorant with a fantastic, fresh, woody smell. Works really hard on your behalf and it’s aluminium-free.

Nature Balm- reduces bites overnight and gets rid of that itchy feeling instantly; helps to reduce scars from mosquito bites (and they bite hard in Australia!)

I’m also a HUGE fan of essential oils and use them everyday. I even carry them around with me in my handbag! Click here to read more about my favourites.

I’d love to hear from you my darling- what are your favourite products and why? Let me know below (I might be able to discover even more beauty bits!)

Love, Katie      xxx