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Jan 202015
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One of the biggest lessons I’m learning on a daily basis is how to let go. My monkey-mind often loves to go wild and try to overanalyse or control things, which can be…well…pretty exhausting, if I’m honest. Add into that my type-A tendencies and I can tend to drive myself a little crazy sometimes.

If you’re like me, always try to force things or think your way around things, the following videos on letting go are for you. They each have messages in them which help us trust that everything will be alright (if we can just let it be that way).

Gabrielle Bernstein – ‘Sit Back and Receive’

A gorgeous reminder (especially for us type-A personalities) that there is a beautiful balance between making things happen and letting things happen.

Click here to jump over to Gabby’s website.

Abraham Hicks – ‘To Feel Good When Your Body Feels Bad, You Must…!’

A little one for anyone with Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia…”what you seek is vibrationally available”.

Click here to go to the Abraham Hicks website.

Rich Roll- ‘Why You Shouldn’t Hack Your Life’

We all want a quick fix to get us out of painful situations (I know I did when I was sick). But this video reminds us of the value of the journey and of just letting go.

Click here or on the photo to access the video (via MindBodyGreen)

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Let me know below, which video did you find the most interesting? What did you learn while you were watching them?

Love and letting go,

Katie     xxx

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