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Apr 052015


During my recent complete break from the internet, the clarity and space I gained a result was nothing short of phenomenal. In fact, I still can’t quite believe how my thought patterns shifted and expanded during that time.

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One of the things that became very clear to me is that, like many of us, I’m still holding on to a lot of limiting beliefs about myself. Having a illness affect how you function in everyday life, as well as how you view yourself, for so long can really knock you and shake your being to the core. Protective habits and beliefs/thought patterns are created as a result, because, quite frankly, at the time they need to be to stop you from falling into a big pit and never coming out again.

However, just because you win the war with recovery doesn’t mean that these thought patterns suddenly leave you. They become like an ‘How did I do that?’ coffee stain on your brand new white shirt- you’ve know idea how it got there and you’re pretty convinced that everyone will be looking at you strangely for the rest of the day because you’re wearing it. Our thought patterns, when left to stew and fester, can quickly turning into shame and leave us feeling like we’re constantly coming up for air.

We all have less than shiny areas of our lives, what-ifs and big dreams, but I discovered recently that a lot of my monkey-brain chatter came to the surface during the big internet break. I thought I’d be blissed out, calm and serene, but once I gave these bad boys space, they rose to the top of my consciousness very quickly.

Are Your Limiting Views Holding You Back?

Here are some of the limiting thoughts I had below. As soon as said them out-loud or thought them to myself, I knew there was a big message in there for me that I needed to hear. Do any of these ring a bell with you?

  • “Man- that’s so great for them, I could never do that” (not wanting to go outside my comfort zone/conditioned to believe there’s no point trying, so why bother)
  • “We’ll probably never be able to do that” (not even taking a moment to think about the possibility, defeated before even considering the idea)
  • “I’d love to do that….but I’m not like her” (impostor syndrome/comparing myself to others/feeling completely inadequate for no good reason)
  • “It sounds like a lot of hard work” (throwing away opportunities because I don’t want to risk being exhausted- this is a big one if you’ve got/had CFS/ME)
  • “I bet she got loads of attention from boys at high school (Where did this one come from?! How do I know what she was like in high school?! What does this say about me?)
  • “Gawd, I’m rubbish” (throw-away negative comments can completely ruin days if you listen to them and invest energy in them. I used to fall into this trap a lot.)
  • “My skin looks rubbish- I’m so ugly” (basing self-worth on looks, letting this ruin my self-confidence and therefore my worth to others for the rest of the day)

One of my huge patterns is not even trying to work towards something I want, because the ‘sensible’ side of my brain has kicks in and tells me it’s not possible (hello ‘messages picked up from other people growing up’!)

Where in your life can you catch yourself and what you’re saying (whether out-loud or to yourself)? What are these message really about and where did they come from? Is it you that’s saying them or  someone else from your past?

I urge you, if you can, to right down any negative beliefs you’ve been carrying around with you. Is that belief really true? What proof do you have? 99.9% of the time, you won’t be able to find even a shred of evidence to prove your thought right, and the other 0.01% can be put down to someone else’s opinion or world view at the time.

I’d love to hear your comments below- how are your limiting beliefs keeping you small, stuck and afraid? What are they trying to tell you?

Love and inner wisdom,

Katie     xxx

If we believe in magic, we’ll live a magical life.  If we believe our life is defined by narrow limits, we’ve suddenly made those beliefs real.

Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be, precisely determine what we will be. – Tony Robbins


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