How To Let Go Of The Past

Originally, I thought that writing an article on how to let go of the past was going to take me months. I thought I'd always be battling with it and trying to word things in the right way, but I deleted all the previous drafts of this post. Really, it's quite simple, but nonetheless painful. It's a … Continue reading

CFS Juices and Smoothies

Ok, I'll come clean. Since really taking care of my body and wanting to create as nutrient-rich a diet as possible, juices and smoothies are my go-to essentials. Juices and smoothies are easily absorbed by the body (more so juices, because smoothies require more work on your digestion's … Continue reading

5 Alternative Self Care Tips

Having gone┬áback to work full-time after a hip injury, I knew that I would have to do things a little differently. I'm a teacher, and tend to spend most of my day standing up, moving around a classroom and writing on the board, but with a slightly sore hip and lower back, I'm changing things up … Continue reading