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Feb 182014


Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve written a post and I just wanted to explain a few reasons for this. I’ve been so grateful to receive a few more followers recently thanks to this article and I’d like to welcome them to my little site. Yey!

I suppose I’m also writing this post because I would absolutely love your help. Although I have taken little breaks away from the blog to live life away from the internet and for holidays, I’ve been procrastinating. Big time.

I’m at a bit of a blogging crossroads.

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Blog Anxiety

I think anyone with a blog can relate to this. I have a full-time job, teaching 5 days a week, and some days, I come home absolutely exhausted, not in a CFS way, but in a ‘phew, that was tough’ kind of way. Teaching is physically and emotionally demanding and takes a lot out of you. Although I love to write and look after the blog, sometimes it’s just not possible during the week. When I write, I want to give you my best, so even though I’d like to write a post, I feel as though it’s not coming from the best place. This might just be my perfectionist, type-A tendencies coming out and/or me making excuses for myself, but you deserve pure, clear-headed advice.

Also, and here’s the real reason behind writing this post…I’m not 100% sure what to do next. I feel as though I can be of real service to you all, but I’m actually paralysed with a sort of fear. What if I do this…? What if I don’t do this?

In truth, I’ve often thought of just letting the blog go completely.

Moving Forward

I would be so grateful if any of you had any words of wisdom, in fact any words at all, about how I could serve you better. I feel as though I’m at a bit of crossroads- my energy feels a bit muggy and disjointed, hence the reason my newsletters and updates haven’t been a regular as I would’ve liked, and for that I’m truly sorry. I’m playing the vulnerability card close to my chest, but I’m hoping you can help.

Thank you my darlings- I’d love to hear your comments below.

Love and thanks as always,

Katie     xxx

  12 Responses to “At A Blogging Crossroads – Would Love Your Help!”

  1. Please don’t stop blogging but also please don’t ignore how you feel. Feeling a bit blegh is human and it will pass but maybe ……just a thought your style of blogs needs to change alongside how you are feeling? Maybe your readers can inspire you? Ask us probing questions and maybe you’re the one to assimilate our and your responses? Maybe the blogs take a visual form or poetry? I hope this helps? But don’t stop totally but also don’t force it. Listen to the voice inside :) xx

    • Katy, this is exactly the response I was hoping for- thank you for being so understanding! Maybe changing form is something to look into- hhhhmmmm. I need to make sure I’m connecting with you all as often as possible.

      Thank you my love- xxx

  2. Hi Katie,
    I feel I couldnt ask you not to stop blogging incase I was being selfish but I can only tell you how you have personally helped me and the knock on effect to others it has had. I havent read all your blogs but those I have, have really made me think and given me something to work on, the one on fear really had an effect. I have also found some amazing people through your blogs and articles- I think that sometimes its nice to allow youreslf to feel deeply that your work really does make a difference to people-when you are a perfectionist type A, this is hard to do! But saying that its also easy to want to save the world at the detriment, perhaps, to your own well being. Sorry if I waffle on, I think im trying to say dont doubt the positive effect your blogs have on us but maybe you should allow yourself time to listen to your inner voice for your way forward and if you need to go in another direction, we will still have what we have learnt from you and will love you for the earth angel you are.
    Feel free to find your answer <3 x

  3. Hi Katie,
    I just wanted to say I think you are great, as is all you do on our blog. Maybe you need to be feeling what you’re feeling right now and perhaps just let it be and don’t give it energy and attention – just go with it..:). I won’t judge and I’m sure your other followers feel the same…we found you and follow you because we like what we see/hear/feel when we connect with you. I can appreciate the perfectionist tendencies (I am the same) but try not to feel too under pressure to perform and ‘be perfect’. haha, easier said than done I know;)
    Sending you light and encouragement:)

  4. Hi Katie! I am sorry to hear about your difficult time. I think you have to ho with your gut on this. I am sending you prayers and positive energy and I bet there are alot of us doing the same. I would like to say that you have inspired and helped me a great deal. I am doing much better lately than I have been since being diagnosed in 1991.I am starting a new bisiness, have lost over 50 lbs, am working out and enjoying friends new and old.Thank you for your uneavering support, encourgement and friemdship. If you ever neef to get away you have a friend in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with a room ready for you. God bless! :-) <3

  5. Hi Katie. My daughter is a teacher and has CFS. you have helped her and me so much. She has a tough situation because her husband does not understand and expects her to function as someone who does not have this problem, all the while reminding her constantly of how she is failing the family because of her illness. She tries to keep up with his enormous expectations of her to work full time, take care of their children, etc. You have been so helpful to us. But…take care of yourself first…

    • Thank you so much for your support Cheryl- I’m so pleased I can help in some way. I’m going to keep blogging, so you might have to put up with my for a while yet! ;) xx

  6. Katie, what you do is great – keep going. People need to hear how to recover from different angles. I too feel like you do at times, it’s hard to find the time to keep going. But once we recover, it is so rewarding to help others follow in our footsteps. I think your personal insight into recovery from ME/CFS is fantastic and you have had so much personal growth along the way, that there is much for you to share. Best of luck with it all

  7. I can relate. Working 9-6 Monday to Friday and 7hrs on the weekend, I find it hard to motivate myself to blog sometimes, even though I love to write and I’m reading and being inspire all the time. Like you said, it’s that fear of not putting 100% into the words you write — doing any less than that feels pointless. You are not alone. I’m learning that imperfection is ok and perfect in its own little way. It’s hard to let go, but I’m getting there — hope you are too :)

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