The Best Way To Overcome Fear

When we're feeling anxious about something, we become consumed by worry and fear, and so often, that fear drags us down until we can't think about anything else. This might mean we write things off, feel bad for the rest of the day or feel as though we're useless and unworthy. However, when I … Continue reading

How To Let Go Of The Past

Originally, I thought that writing an article on how to let go of the past was going to take me months. I thought I'd always be battling with it and trying to word things in the right way, but I deleted all the previous drafts of this post. Really, it's quite simple, but nonetheless painful. It's a … Continue reading

Are You Sabotaging Your Healing?

I know the process well. You read about something that might help you and your health, and before long you're off on a whirlwind internet trail. Sometimes this can bring miraculous benefits to you (I've found some amazing books this way), and sometimes it can leave you feeling even more confused … Continue reading