Aug 142015
{REVIEW} Belinda Davidson and White Light Healing

I’ve received so many emails from you beautiful people about Energy Medicine, which I see as being the major catalyst for my healing from CFS and the beginning of an amazing period of personal realisation and transition. This has ultimately culminated in me sharing my story in the hope that you too can heal yourself from this frustrating illness. […read more]

Jun 232015
Uncovering and Remembering 'You' during Chronic Illness

  Yes, you. No, not that you- that one, there! There you are! Hello! Bless you, glowing and flickering like an excited little candle. You see, I’m sure you’ve probably forgotten all about you. I’m not talking about you ‘the mother’, you ‘the daughter’, you ‘the worker’, you ‘the ill person’ or you ‘the person […read more]

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