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Jan 212015


As I mentioned in my introductory chakra article yesterday, the chakras are all linked, so knowing if your chakras are out of balance is important for an abundant life. If one of them is blocked or not functioning optimally, you might feel emotionally out of balance and ‘not quite right’ physically. But how do you know if you need to work on your chakras? Do you need to look after a few of them, or are many of your chakras out of balance? What should you be looking out for?

Well, fret no longer my friends! Here are a few things to look out for which might mean that your chakras are out of balance and not working as they should. (When your chakras are balanced, your life just flows and is easy, so it’s important to get to know your chakra warning signs!)

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How do I know if my Chakras are Out of Balance?

Root Chakra (Chakra 1 / Red) – Represents feeling ‘rooted’ or grounded, represent our foundation and stability

If this chakra is working optimally, you will feel: safe and secure in life; trust in the divine order of things and you will feel safe in life’s ebbs and flows

If this chakra is out of balance, you might feel: worried about money, work, or other base issues in your life; focussed on material possessions; the need to satisfy own wants and desires

Physical symptoms of imbalance might include: digestion problems; cold hands and feet; hip, leg and feet problems; frequent need to go to the bathroom

Sacral Chakra (Chakra Two / Orange) – Represents creativity, sex and your ability to accept new relationships/situations into your life

If this chakra is working optimally, you will feel: abundant, pleasurable, creative and able to enjoy sex in your life, no trouble expressing emotions or connecting with others

If this chakra is out of balance, you might feel: unable to take pleasure from life or sex, cannot handle emotions or feelings, suppressing natural needs

Physical symptoms of imbalance might include: lower back pain; menstrual troubles; irritable bowel syndrome; ovarian cysts; prostate or testicular issues

Solar Plexus (Chakra Three / Yellow) – Represents confidence, thoughts and feelings, and our ability to be in control of our lives

If this chakra is working optimally, you will feel: confident, optimistic, whole and calm, acceptance of self and others

If this chakra is out of balance, you might feel: low self-worth, pessimism, no trust in natural flow, need for material security

Physical symptoms of imbalance might include: liver and pancreas problems, gluten intolerance, gall stones

Heart Chakra (Chakra 4 – Green) – Represents our ability to love and be loved, to enjoy what we love

If this chakra is working optimally, you will feel: loving, joyous, peaceful, whole, accepting, balance

If this chakra is out of balance, you might feel: unable to love, unable to be generous, unable to follow your passions, unable to accept love given by others, the need to look for rewards

Physical symptoms of imbalance might include: heart problems, allergies, immune diseases

Throat Chakra (Chakra 5 – Blue) – Represents our ability to communicate clearly and to speak our truth

If this chakra is working optimally, you will feel: heard, able to articulate your own ideas, thoughts and feelings; able to trust your ‘inner voice’, comfortable in both silence and expression

If this chakra is out of balance, you might feel: unable to speak up about things that matter to you, unable to express opinions to authority figures, unable to believe in your creativity, fearful of being judged or rejected, afraid of silence

Physical symptoms of imbalance might include: thyroid problems, mouth ulcers, persistent sore throats or throat infections, asthma

Third Eye Chakra (Chakra 6 – Indigo) – Represents our ability to see the big picture, inner knowing, insight and vision

If this chakra is working optimally, you will feel: able to make good decisions, clarity of thought, imaginative, intuitive, connected to the universe

If this chakra is out of balance, you might feel: confused, out of alignment with your intuition, unable to think about other points of view, only able to see the surface meaning in a situation

Physical symptoms of imbalance might include: headaches, migraines, eye problems, ear and sinus troubles

Crown Chakra (Chakra 7 – Violet) – Represents our ability to connect fully with our spiritual selves

If this chakra is working optimally, you will feel: blissful, as though everything in life is working for you, the world is beautiful, connected to the universe, knowing that the self reflects the Divine

If this chakra is out of balance, you might feel: full of thoughts and like you can’t switch your brain off, disconnected from the source and the world around you, unable to let go of anxiety and fear, depressed and unsatisfied

Physical symptoms of imbalance might include: confusion, dizziness, depression

I really hope this helps you my darling. As you know, I’m not a doctor or health professional (and my chakras aren’t perfect!) and it’s not as easy as saying, “Ah ok- I’ve got a throat infection, so I’ll just work on my throat chakra”. If you’re ill, please still go to the doctor and take good care of yourself. Unfortunately, as with so much in life, it’s never that simple, but it might give you something to think about during your healing.

Have any alarm bells been ringing for you as you’ve read this article? I’d love to hear from you my lovelies- which chakras do you need to work on?

Love and inner knowing,

Katie      xxx

My favourite chakra cleanse meditationbelinda davidson

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  24 Responses to “How Do I Know If My Chakras Are Out Of Balance?”

  1. This article was very enlightening! It seems that ALL my chakras are out of balance! Where do I begin??

    • I would say to start by looking at the colour of the chakra you’re most drawn to- many people say that this is usually the best chakra to start with!


      • I have symptoms in all the chakras. I feel completely out of sync with the rest of the world on many fronts – but I read somewhere that we go through the whole thing twice in life (chakras developing in sequence). When we are born and when we leave home. My problems started mostly when I left home… Not sure what to make of it. My boyfriend is the opposite, he had a bad childhood and never feels safe. He suffers from PTSD and chronic anxiety and is very compulsive. Has trouble establishing boundaries. I don’t have these issues myself. I feel quite safe pretty much all of the time. I just don’t fit in nowhere in the materialistic world we live in. I can’t even make a living without feeling that I am selling my soul or something like that. I never feeel like what I am doing is natural and I have pretty much hated every jobs I’ve had all my life (I am now 52). I am very passionate about nature, health and nutrition but I can’t seem to find my place anywhere with it. All I do is research and investigate about healthy options, chronic conditions and mental health. I wish sometimes that I could have my own business but have no sense of what to do about it. I don’t know anyone who would pay for the kind of service I would have to offer because I think it should be free. I am more of a pro bono kind of person. I would prefer to help those who can’t afford it and need it the most. My life feels like a maze with nowhere to go, just walls everywhere.

  2. This was very eye opening. Majority of my chakras are unbalanced. I feel so many negative things and suffering from depression, anxiety, and low self esteem. I would like to know I can have them balanced.

  3. Thanks for the clear way you have explained things I feel my root chakra is defiantly out and needs to be worked upon

  4. Thank you Katie very much I am unbalanced in a few of my chakras and experiencing that which you wrote …I am using my crystals and trying to go down through my chakras but takes ages because of my mindset ..I suffered many attacks of anxiety and panic from December of last year and the anxiety attacked my stomach constantly which built up too much acid and caused inflammation in my stomach and bowel late January I recovered and then anxiety and panic hit me again in May ..and I thought I was recovering and getting back out into the world ..when Fibro flare and the worse CFS ever which I am still going through , it’s the head problems that get me down …Barbara Wales UK xxx

    • I’m so sorry you’re having trouble with your stomach, Barbara. The stomach is our seat of power and nourishment, so if this is unsettled, we feel out-of-whack very quickly (at least I do!) Even taking a few big, deep, belly breaths will help calm and sooth us. Hope this helps- Katie xx

      • Thank you Katie, I am now using the deep belly breaths to calm and sooth me, plus it’s helped that I have eliminated wheat, glutton, and dairy from my diet in the last few weeks. I am still using organic natural yoghurt though which I need to help my digestive system to remove and clear up candida plus taking vitamins and Probio 7 …I will be purchasing the Evening Primrose Oil and start taking them tomorrow ..Barbara xxx

    • Can u tell me where I can get crystals?

      • Hi Terry! If you do a Google search for ‘crystals’, hopefully there’ll be a few places in your area that sell them. Otherwise, there are hundreds of websites that can send them to you in the mail.

        Thanks Terry!

  5. Hmmm I def need to balance a few things! Do you have any books you’d recommend for people that are familiar with the chakras but want to work them more into healing work with others? Thanks lady!

    • Hello my love! I can’t think of any books off the top of my head for working with them when healing others, but I always recommend Caroline Myss’ ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ (a completely game-changer) and Belinda Davidson‘s work. Such incredible ladies! xx

  6. I recently have been having digestive problems. I’ve adopted a clean plant based diet(it’s only been 2 weeks). I feel so out of whack. Where do I go to get help balancing my chakras?

    • Hi Jill- I absolutely love Belinda Davidson’s Chakra Clearing Meditation (click here). It’s really helped me to balance my chakras and feel more grounded. An energy healer might also be able to help you, but remember to give your body time to get used to your news eating habits as well!

      Love, Katie xx

  7. My friend convinced me to visit her chiropractor who is also now a practioner for aligning the chakras. She swore by him and said that she felt happy and hopeful after her session. I was skeptical and told her that I could not afford to go so she offered to pay for my first session. He used 3 different tuning forks and different color glasses and had me chant a certain set of phrases. At the end he used all three tuning forks at once.

    She got her session and then we left. She was so excited for me and asked me how I felt. I had a dull headache that got progressively worse. The next morning I woke up with a horrible sore throat and inflamed sinuses. I have been miserable the two days following the session.

    Is it possible that he did nor use the tools correctly?

    • Linda, I’m not an expert (as I mention here), but it might be possible that your body is in a detoxing phase, hence the headaches and sudden symptoms. I often get small headaches for a day or two after doing kundalini yoga, but have been told that its just the body’s way of detoxing.

      I hope you’re feeling better soon my love- xx

  8. Great Post and Nice Article….I like it.Thanks for Sharing very informative post.

  9. Does crystals really work on your charkas. How do you know if they are working on you. How does it make you feel. My crown charka out

    • I also been feeling dizzy alot. What can I do. Just got a purple crystal for my charka. How to use and what wil I feel like when working

    • I can’t say I’m an expert in crystals, Cory, but you can feel if they are having an effect on you. Different crystals also work for different people. Experiment and see what happens!

      Katie x

  10. Thanks for helping a beginner! I awoke at 4:30 am with a message from some power or spirit that my shakras were not balanced. The thought would not leave me until I wrote it down. I know nothing about shakras, so I’m eager to start this educational journey! Thanks again!

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