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Jun 262015


I’ve been meaning to write with post for a while as I’ve been getting lots of emails lately about why I insist you should go to the doctor for a diagnosis, rather than just reading a list of CFS symptoms and presuming you’ve got it.

I hear you. Who likes going to the doctor?! Who likes tests and the uncertainty in between test results? Who likes the feeling of feeling powerless and weakness because you’re feeling ill? I know going to the doctors is difficult and many of us find reasons to put it off for as long as possible (“I don’t have time…”,” I’m sure it’ll sort itself out…”, etc), basically because we’re frightened of what the doctor will say or find.


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Do I have Chronic Fatigue?

The reason I say that a Chronic Fatigue diagnosis is an important step in your healing is because this fatigue and the symptoms you are feeling could be any number of things, including:

  • Glandular Fever
  • Hormonal trouble
  • Thyroid Trouble
  • Fibromyalgia (often put in the CFS group, but people are affected more with muscle pain than fatigue)
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Lyme’s Disease
  • Lupus
  • Arthritis 
  • Depression

I’ll be honest, the process of testing for CFS is a long one, as basically everything else has to be ruled out before a diagnosis can be made. I had blood tests (several lots), ECGs, Cat scans, MRI scans, X-Rays- you name it…and yes, it can be scary (moving into the tube for the MRI scan still gets me to this day!). BUT, if it isn’t CFS and it’s a condition that can be easily treated, then you can move on with your healing and your life in a positive way.

If it is CFS, in many ways it’s a blessing. At least you now have a name for it. Chances are you’ll also be developing a close relationship with your doctor. I have to admit, I wasn’t very lucky in this respect- I had a really harried who used to tell me to stop trying to do his job for him. He would literally spend 3 minutes with me before writing me yet another prescription for something that I knew deep down wasn’t going to work for me.

Now, I’m definitely not here to doctor-bash. I have friends who are doctors and they are incredibly hard-working, kind and loyal people, who do what they do passionately and love people. They love spending time getting to know patients and they love people. I know many of you have had amazing experiences with doctors and many have suggested medication, supplements to take and ways to improve your lifestyle. Just because I didn’t have that doesn’t mean I hate the medical profession. BUT, I knew that I had to take my healing into my own hands, because the support I got from doctors wasn’t supporting me in the way my soul and spirit wanted. I knew that there was something more to my illness which pills and treatments wouldn’t help with. I’m grateful to the doctors I spoke with who supported me and who guided me on this path.

So, go and get your diagnosis. Get someone to go with you and remember that doctors will always do what is best for you and will help you in whatever way they can. Ask questions, know your options, but most of all, if they do tests, don’t panic! How else are they going to know what’s wrong with you? There is nothing you can do to get the test results back any quicker, so just forget about them for a while (easier said than done, I know, but try!). When you get the results back, again, ask questions, know your options, but most importantly, know that you are now truly on your path to healing. After your diagnosis is where the true healing and inner work starts.

I’d love to hear your experiences with doctors and getting a diagnosis- please reply in the comments box below.

Love and faith,

Katie      xxx

  2 Responses to “Chronic Fatigue Diagnosis”

  1. Hi, and thanks again for your blog…

    There it goes my experience with diagnosis and doctors…

    I’m diagnosed, I’ve also been through lots of tests. And… I had a positive in Lyme’s disease. Slight, but it was positive. The doctor who was taking my case said that it was typical, it was a disfuction of my inmune system… As I insisted on the similarities of both, she gave me an antibiotic for a month, so I got calm. And said that if it was Lyme’s, it would end up. But I read in the internet that long term lyme’s disiase (I’m one and a half year ill) was treated about 3-6 months antibiotic

    But te doctor that takes my laboral issues (by the way, I’m scared about my income, my oficial leaves are ending and I can’t work or do a “normal” life still…, and live alone), he asked for a confirmation, which also was a positive, with more number (minimum to consider positive, was 1,1, the 1st time I had 1,27, the second, 1,68). She is kind, but cold, as if she was following a protocol, but not getting into the person. I had the antibiotic, but in one month it hasn’t healed, nor become noticeably improvement. I’m having probiotics, I don’t want intestinal or gastric, or fungus problems, I’m lucky my disease has’t gone that path. “Only” foggy head, continuous tiredness and sleepyness, lack of concentration, muscular contractions…
    My “other doctor” said I should have at least 3 months antibiotic, although he also believed in the inmune disfunction. But just in case. From the second month (15 days ago), I’m having a natural antibiotic, “just in case”, I’m a bit disoriented at the issue. He is very involved in my case, he sais he’s tired of colds and sucho things, and my case is giving him life and making him getting at date. He’s very fair.
    I’m looking for a pshichiatrist that can certify I’m not a psiquiatric patient (to present for a possible laboral discapacity) . But the one I visited insisted on having pills and pills before. She didn’t even wanted to read one single medical report (and I had some to probe it is neurological) She was kind of stupid as if I wanted to do some bad thing… I’ll try another one, I need the “paper” to try to secure some income while I’m ill.

    I think in my country (Spain) this is still a “lyars” o r a “lazy” illness and doctors aren’t formed. There are some, but it isn’t known broadly, not medically nor socially

    I know all comes from emotional issues, I’m working on it more than a year before, and I’m going throuhg a process similar to what you describe in this wonderful blog. I’m havong exercise every day, I’m learning about nutrition and detox, I’m turning my life and thoughts up-down, I’m selling my beautiful home, I’m having changes… But I don’t reach the point I can do more than having a bit of activiy (for instance, writing this), and fiercely needing a good rest. Having a juice with a friend, an needing to “sleep” for a while before going back home… Sometimes I get desperate, and then, I compare with my state only 3-4 motnhs ago, and realize I’m really getting better,… but life goes on and this is a long time journey…

    Too much words?
    Love and support for all

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