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Jul 282015

The CFS Collective is now live! Click here to be take to the main page.

The number one complaint I get from those with Chronic Illness?

Nobody understands what it’s like. Nobody gets it.

I know exactly what it’s like to spend hours and hours on your own, feeling totally lost and not knowing exactly when it’s all going to end. My recent experience with a nasty hip injury has really brought this terrible feeling of isolation back to be with a thump.

(Click here to read one of my articles on loneliness).

Well, I think it’s time to try and help anyone out there who’s been feeling lie this. My heart goes out to you, and I really needed to take action in some way.


CFS Collective launch

What is the CFS Collective?

The CFS Collective is a way of enabling those with Chronic Illness or with an interest in the Chronic Illness Community to come together and share stories and support.

You can communicate with your partner as little or as often as possible, but it’s all about knowing that someone else gets it and you can support each other in whatever way you like- sharing stories, quotes, friendship and wellness tips.

How does it work?

After processing your application, you will be taken to Google form in which you will fill in some information about you and in what you’re looking for in a partner or Collective friend.

I will then try and pair you up with another member of the community as soon as I am able and as soon as there is a suitable match for you.

You will be matched based on your interests and preferences in a partner.

Is it like a Chronic Illness Forum?

No, this is not a chronic illness forum- it’s unlike any other chronic illness community. You will simply be communicating with another member of our community via email initially. You are then free to share other contact details afterwards if you would like to.

chronic illness community

What if I don’t get on with my partner?

I completely understand- we’re all different! If this is the case, you can just contact me and I’ll try and pair you up with another member of our community asap. Please understand that I can only match you up a certain number of times if friendships are unsuccessful.

Will there be a charge?

Yes, there will be a charge for all the administration involved in processing applications and matching you up with other members. This is a one-time only fee, and you won’t have to pay again for the duration of your participation in the programme. As you can understand, we are a group increasing into the thousands- that’s a lot of admin!

What are the advantages of the CFS Collective?

Support in your ongoing wellness journey, keeping the vibes and support high, and sharing stories with a like-minded person who knows what you’re going through and what you’d like to achieve in life.

In a nutshell, it’s beautiful, shiny, warm and worth its weight in gold.

This video might also help a little to explain how it works:

I’m interested- what’s next?

The program is now live! Click the button below to be taken to the information page.

buy now button

I’d love for you to comment below my daring if you’re interested in this project- I think this could be the start of something big!

Sending you so much love- thank you for your love and support,

Katie    xxx

(P.S. You are not alone.)

(P.P.S – because we all love another P.S! Please share this with any of your friends and relatives who would benefit from it- it might just make their day.)

  20 Responses to “Introducing the CFS Collective- a Chronic Illness Community”

  1. I’m very much interested! I’ve had a recent relapse after a long period of being functional and I’m really not coping with adjusting back into such a limited life, Im feeling really lonely and cut off now that I can’t keep up with my friends.

    • I’d absolutely love to have you in the Collective, Ella! I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a relapse recently- hopefully your new buddy can help you along!

      Love, Katie xx

  2. This sounds great, although I have some supportive and understanding friends its just not the same as having someone who knows what you’re going through. Although for me I think it would be most helpful to find someone who is on the same healing path so we could support and inspire each other to wellness instead of just supporting each other in illness :-)

  3. Hi Katie, My heart says ‘yes do it’, but my mind says ‘stay out, you have nothing to offer for now, at least until you are in the healing stage’. I am alone in the UK. I do have my partner now but I have been really ill for about 6 yrs now. I lost my friends from work when lost my job due to M.E. I have no family as I was ‘nobodies child’. Its tough but I stll hope I will start to turn the corner and regain my independence and create a new kinder to me life. All my life I was running like a nutter and working 40-60 hrs weekly without a drink and missed meals! I do have excuse you know… I worked for a goverment and I guess I did not know that in this country human values are forbided, humanity is not priority and pushing papers is what they call ‘Social Work with vulnerable children and families’. For a while I blamed myself for not being able to keep up with ‘numbers’. I felt incomplete, I thought I need to go to college to improve my English, I thought I am not meant to be here, soon some fight and rage sneaked in my mind and I spoke up, I seeked for a justice not just for me but for my colleagues too. I had no choice as the way we worked as a service did not serve the customer at all. I got swallowed and spat out very soon. I was dismissed on grounds of long term ill health. Everyone said it wont happen as its not right. Well it did. And it could happen to anyone. I spent all my life training and serving childrens needs. I have no idea if I will ever be able to get up and work in any capacity again. I used to feel I can do anything and often I did.
    I had a job and income I always wanted, I have a wonderful partner who fights M.E. and Fibro with me, I still have a beautiful flat we try to keep renting, I have the most adorable cat Tiger who is looking after me. I am so scared…as I have everyrhing I always wanted and I may loose it all as I am unable to nurture, unable to hold it close, unable to exhange love, unable to keep going, unable to live my life. Its really frightening. This is why Im not sure I can be paired up with anyone. Im ill most of the time. I have stopped using my phone as Im terrified of talking. In the same time…..I know being alone is not an answer. Sorry it all came out like this…….and now.
    Katie, I think you are amazing and really talanted. I used to write about 9 yrs ago. I lost my native language and havent been able to own my new language therefore I have lost my main drive a d soul feed- writing. It was my breath. Reading your blog reminded me ….me :)

    • Vineta, please don’t write yourself off by saying you have nothing to offer someone. Contact is by email, and if you’d like to swap phones numbers, this is completely your choice. Even just reaching out to one person might offer a whole world up to you, and you’d also be helping your partner greatly too.

      I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been going through some difficulties with work (I have a little article on jobs here). It’s difficult when you’ve dedicated yourself to something and then feel rejected.

      Sending you so much love my darling, and please consider joining the CFS Collective- I think you’d really benefit from it.

      Love, Katie xxx

  4. Hi katie, im definately interested, its so hard for others to understand when I have a really bad day, Im so totally different to the person i used to be, its soo frustrating

  5. It really would be wonderful to vommunicTe with someone who really gets it. Also to share what’s working for us in our wellness journey

  6. Sounds a wonderful idea

  7. What an absolutely beautiful idea Katie. I am so fortunate not to have suffered from chronic disease but I see too many of my friends and family who do. It must be devastating to not feel free to communicate how you’re feeling on any given day without feeling like you’re wearing out friendships (or wearing out yourself even more!). Keeping it bottled up makes it worse too I guess! I’ll be sharing this with them. So much love to you for initiating this. x

    • Ros, thank you so much beautiful- if you could share it, I’d really appreciate it. Communication is sometimes difficult for those with chronic illness, as we just so deeply convince ourselves that nobody else will get it that we tend to hide away and feel unable to share our true feelings.

      Sending you so much love, beautiful- have a gorgeous day! xx

  8. This is a wonderful idea. I do have a lot of support around me and they do their best to understand, but it is just not the same. I ended up in this pickle after 1 year of Steroid Induced Adrenal Supression, which although it has near identical symptoms, it was not until my cortisol levels improved and I was then diagnosed with CFS that my parents really understood (due to my first bout when I was 16)
    I have stopped telling my partner how I feel because I felt like I was negative and complaining all the time….to the point that I started holding everything back, including the extent of my depression.

    So, yes, I think this is a truly beautiful l thing you are doing for people who get overlooked by most, thankyou Katie. And providing I can find money for the admin fee, I would love to participate and be able to help others!! And I’m sure their stories will help me in return

    Light and love

    • Mary, I’m sure you would be such a shining light for your partner as well! It’d be so lovely to have you in the Collective. (So pleased that your parents were supportive). Sending you lots of love my dear- xx

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