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Apr 022015
easter blogfest


It has been such a long time since I’ve put together a little blog round-up for you, so I’d thought I put together an special Easter Blogfest edition for you for the long weekend coming up. (You can have a look at my other recommended blogs here.)

easter blogfest

I know what it’s like, sometimes we get utterly overwhelmed by people sharing things on the internet left right and centre, but trust me when I say that everything here has been tried, tested and loved by me. Take what you love and leave the rest.

Have a beautiful weekend my lovely- my Take Care Project lovelies are really inspiring me to slow down and remember the small things, and I hope you can do this this weekend too.

Love, Katie       xxx


The CFS Easter Blogfest

Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk: The Price of Shame

I know that Monica Lewinsky divides public opinion, but this is one of the most honest and raw TED talks I think I’ve ever seen. Click here and prepare to hang up your preconceptions for 22 minutes.

monica lewinsky ted talk image


The Little Sage’s ‘Letting Go’ Kit

At the turn of the year in Bali, I knew I needed a little help in harnessing the energy of 2015. For some reason, I think it’s going to be a biggie.

As if by magic, the incredible team at The Little Sage lead by Helen Jacobs had just released their ‘Letting Go’ kit- such divine timing. Beautiful.

The kit features a beautiful e-book, with advice on what it means to truly let go and how it might look in your life, together with two meditations- one entitled ‘Letting Go’ and other called ‘Cutting Cords’ (both are very powerful, trust me!)

I took this photo just before diving into the ebook and placed it on a piece of material I’d just bought from a gorgeous lady on the bridge on the way back from central Ubud. I magically found the piece of clear quartz on a desk where we were staying- I’m sure it hadn’t been there the day before.

letting go ebook

I cannot recommend this kit highly enough- you would not believe the shifts that have already happened for me this year. Hop over to the website and you’ll instinctively know you’re onto some special.

Thank you to Helen and the Little Sage team for serving us with their incredible, intuitive offerings.


Awaken Radio Episode: Healing and Clearing Emotional Blocks

I absolutely love the gorgeous Connie Chapman’s ‘Awaken Radio’ Series, and this episode in particular (click here for the link) just blows me away. If you’re interested in past lives and/or you’re an empath, this is the episode for you.

Connie interviews Rebecca Dettman, who is an expert in psychic emotional work. I don’t really want to say anything else as I’ll spoil it, but this podcast is truly fascinating. These ladies are so inspiring to listen to and so full of passion.

connie chapman


Claire Baker’s ‘Who the f*ck am I again?’

I really, really enjoyed reading Claire from ‘This is Lifeblood‘s’ incredibly honest blog post, ‘Who the f*ck am I again?!’ I really resonated with a lot of the questions she poses in this post, and I know you will too. Bookmark this one!

claire baker


Emily Ehler’s Raw Hot Cross Bun Bites Recipe

I have to say, I do like Easter (That ‘long weekend’ feeling never gets dull!), but a lot of us completely overdose on sugar. I guess it’s all part of the fun of it, but I can’t resist a hot cross bun!

Luckily, this incredible recipe for raw hot cross buns bites (dairy, gluten, grain, sugar-free; raw, vegan and paleo) appeared at just the right time. I love Emily’s recipe (especially with the cashew milk!) and I know you will too.

raw hot cross buns


Melissa Ambrosini’s ‘Are you Living your Legacy?’

Melissa’s incredible article brought tears to my eyes, and I was so moved by her words. It got me thinking about the legacy I would like to leave, and I’ve thought about the article a lot since reading it. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Click here to have a read.

Melissa Ambrosini image


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