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Jan 272015


What is the one emotion worse than fear?!



Total and complete apathy.


The one emotion worse than fear.


Extreme ‘couldn’t care less’-ness (and truly meaning it).

Couldn’t give a sh*t.

Genuine nonchalance.


An unwinding.

Knowing how to unstick yourself, but you can’t be bothered to go there.

Getting someone else to make the effort, because you’re genuinely not bothered.

The antithesis of emotion.


At least with fear, there’s movement- a push or a pull.

At least with fear, we feel something.

What is it like to feel nothing?


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  4 Responses to “The One Emotion Worse Than Fear”

  1. I know very well that felling of being dead in life. Nothing matters, nor you yourself… Really threatening. Thanks it was over… Love. Carmen

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that when I feel that un-feeling, it’s a form of depression. I have heard, that it’s good to sit with it and find out what it has to tell you. I haven’t tried that yet – that’s called being chicken! :D xxx

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