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Jun 222016
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We’ve all done it, and maybe we’ve found a tiny breadcrumb or two something, but at some stage we’ve all looked for evidence that CFS healing is possible. Now, I’m not much of a scientist and, as many of you know by reading my story, I didn’t heal via traditional medical means (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) So, stories or at the least the hope of recovery was what pulled me through.

If I’m completely honest, I couldn’t really find many recovery stories when I was healing, or at least not ones that didn’t have someone doing this on the front cover:

unsplash man on mountainImage by Joshua Earle for Unsplash

Arms above their head in victory on top of a mountain (and also able to climb to top of said mountain.) Well, unfortunately, it was incredibly hard for me to relate to these images while I was in bed unable to move. I understand the sentiment, but I just couldn’t ‘get there’.

Over the last few days, I’ve received an incredible amount of emails and messages from people just like you who follow the blog, letting me know how well they’re coming on in the CFS recovery journey. I got so emotional while replying to one message that I stopped writing it to record this video (and proceeded to cry with happiness afterwards- I should have made an ‘outtakes’ video!).

Walking on the grass for the first time. Coming off medication with the help of a doctor. Experiencing a lowering in their anxiety levels. GETTING MARRIED to a wonderful man who she never thought in a million years she’d meet because of her illness.

It’s all in this two-minute video (with a sprinkle of “amazing” and emotion!) Enjoy and then read on, my love…

Evidence that CFS Healing Is Possible

Granted, it’s not scientific evidence, but this means more to me that medical reports and statistics.

Be Happy For The Healing Of Others

I know exactly what you’re going to say, “That’s great for them, but why not me?”. I understand my love, I felt the same way too.

When we celebrate and help others to rise up, we all rise up. This isn’t an ‘it’ll never happen for me’ situation- these people didn’t think it would happen for them either. At my lowest points, I genuinely didn’t think I’d recover, but it happened. So, be happy for those who are making progress, because soon, it’ll be you, and I for one will be there cheering you on (and making soppy videos for you!)

Be inspired, not deflated. Be encouraged, not disappointed. Be optimistic, not pessimistic.

One day, it’ll be you.

Love, Katie      xxx

  12 Responses to “Evidence that CFS Healing Is Possible”

  1. Such an inspiring video. I had to laugh at the picture on top of the hill…that is all you ever see for all kinds of healing success or how to be happy articles. I have come to absolutely hate them! I am so happy for all those who are finding improvement.And, as always, just love your videos. Much love to you Katie.

    • I know! Glad I’m not the only one who feels like this about these types of pictures. It’s the same with people meditating on a rock by the beach. I know if you’re taking promo shots, it has to be done sometimes, but still! Ah well- each to their own!

      Lots of love, Sheila- xx

  2. Inspiring words, thank you!
    There was a time when I was in bed unable to move, and now I can do so much! Walk a little bit, ride my mobility scooter to the sea, play the piano, give piano lessons, go to the theatre, go on holiday. Yes, still a way to go to be back to full health, but what a way I’ve come!
    I know exactly what you mean about it being hard sometimes to be happy for others recovering when you’re so stuck yourself. But I love your way of approaching it…….. That one day it will be you!

  3. Thank you so much for this post! My doctor and I had discussed my options. When he discovered that I am more of a holistic person he was then able to speak his mind freely and told me whatever medications he gave me will not do much. He gave me a list of herbs and supplements that he thought could be helpful. I have since experimented with several herbal supplements until I felt I found a combination that I feel is benefiting me. My doctor said to me “there is really not much I can do to help you but if you have questions, please call.” Needless to say I have not been back. I have discovered my ME/CFS has a spiritual basis. I have discovered why I have this illness and I was told by my son, my father and my friend’s son (they are all in Spirit) that it will be vastly improving now that I have this awareness. As of yet, it has not improved because I have not yet integrated this knowledge but I am working on it! I will say, however, that since having this illness it has been my goal to hike to a cave near my home. About a month ago I was in a very good remission and I made it the cave twice in one week!

    • Twice in a week! This is incredible, my love- congratulations! I’m so pleased you have such a nice doctor who seemed to listen to you and take the time to get to know your needs. You might have already read it, but this article might interest you.

      Keep in touch, my love- this is fantastic! xx

  4. Really moving and encouraging, thanks so, so much katie for taking your time to record this video and offer it to us… When I know aoubt thiese stories I feel some day it will be me… Yes, I can’t help thinking these things only happen to others, but I’m feeling moer confident about me and my real possibility
    A big big hug to you and to the others in this blog, lots of love and encouraging energies…

  5. Thank you for this encouraging post – you always seem to post what I need just when I need it!! I have been feeling really envious this weekend because my sister just got engaged. I really had such a low weekend imaging being alone forever and felt so guilty I wasn’t just happy for her! (Which I was but other stuff too) But your post has made me feel hope it will happen to me one day because you’re right – my sister and other’s on this blog never thought it would happen to them either! I just know all this stuff will work eventually like you say in your video because I’m doing everything that worked for other’s who are well now. I love how real you are and about recovery – it helps me see I am normal and it’s all going just how it does for everyone else on their paths xx

    • Hi Katie- sending you lots of love, that must’ve been an emotional weekend for you. I’m so glad my video helped in some way- keep smiling! xx

  6. I’m so happy to have found your blog. I’ve been searching for blogs to read for advice but in all honesty most of the ones I find make me feel worse about my condition. I am trying to stay away from negativity because it uses up so much energy. I feel excited for the day when it’s my turn to be free of CFS!
    Victoria x

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