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Aug 282015
Port Douglas Snorkelling


As some of you know from my Facebook page, I recently had an incredible experience on the Great Barrier Reef which involved me basically smashing my fear of water. I’ve been absolutely terrified of water ever since a distressing experience at Primary School, but it’s only in the last few years that I’ve come to realise how traumatic it actually was. This can sometimes be a problem in Australia where everyone loves the beach so much and really knows how to handle themselves in the water! I would go out of my way to avoid even putting swimming gear on when we went to the beach, just in case. I would even sometimes ‘forget to pack it’, meaning that I’d have to stay on the beach while everyone else swam.

It wasn’t until the experience I had a few weeks ago that I realised how much I had really been holding back because of this and how much of an emotional release there was afterwards. (I think the sheer joy on my face says it all!)

Listen to the audio below to find out:

  • where my fear of water came from
  • how I somehow managed to get in the water (kind of embarrassing!)
  • lessons I learned from the experience

It had such an impact on me that we’re even planning to go snorkelling as part of our next holiday!

When in your life have you really worked to overcome fear? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Katie      xxx

A few photos from our trip…

These were all taken by my husband- he has quite the eye for a photo!

Port Douglas collage

We went to the Reef with Quicksilver from Port Douglas- highly recommended!

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  1. Beautiful Katie~The picture of you in your snorkel, with a huge grin, brought a smile to my face. I’m so happy that you were able to start your journey towards conquering your fear of water. Thank you for sharing your experience, and inspiring me and many others. You, as always, are a bright star of inspiration.

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