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Feb 232015
Bianca MacLachlan - Vitality - Head Shot - large


I’m absolutely delighted to welcome Bianca from Vitality Health Coaching to the blog today for the final part of my ‘Foodie Interview’ Series (click here to catch up on the other incredible interviews).

Bianca is a health coach and wellness teacher who definitely practises what she preaches. There is such a gorgeous energy to her site, and I’ve mentioned before on my Facebook page just how incredible how fabulous the free recipe book on her website is (seriously, click on over and have a look!)

I just love Bianca’s incredible passion and enthusiasm for what she does- it’s truly contagious! Enjoy my love…

Bianca MacLachlan - Vitality - Head Shot - large

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself, your website and the vision behind it.

I’m a holistic health coach, a registered yoga teacher and personal trainer, and I am super, super passionate about all things wellness. I believe with all of my heart that each of us holds the key to our own health and happiness, and we find this in the food we eat, the way we move our body, and the lifestyle that we lead. So my vision for my website is to share with my readers the knowledge that I have learned over the years, in the hope that I can empower and inspire them to find health and happiness for themselves. I think that the health information available to the general public is incredibly limited, and usually skewed by the media, so I’m hoping to illuminate some of this and get real, helpful information out there.
I’m a total knowledge-seeker and I am always studying or researching something! So why not use this to help others? I want to start a health revolution! I want people to realise that the decisions they make every day will influence how good they feel, both now and in the future. And we need to look after ourselves – mind, body and spirit – to ensure we live a life to our full potential.

2) What does being creative in the kitchen mean to you?

I love cooking! I’m actually a vegan, so being creative to me usually means finding new and interesting ways to cook tasty and satisfying meals that everyone will enjoy. I like using vegetables in different ways, trying different flavour combinations, and experimenting with cooking styles. Steaming, dehydrating, frying, roasting, baking – whatever suits the mood of the day! My favourite thing though would definitely be creating raw vegan desserts. I freely admit I’m addicted to them! Using avocados in cheesecakes, soaking cashews for the perfect creamy filling, making new flavours for bliss balls – that’s heaven to me.

3) What are your go-to foods or drinks when you’re not feeling your best? How does food give you energy?

I will always make a big green veggie juice if I’m not feeling 100%, and that will usually be followed up later on by a big smoothie! I love both of these because they’re quick and easy ways to get loads of nutrients into you, plus they’re easy on the digestive system so they energise you fairly quickly. I also like the comforting feeling of roast vegetables, so I would usually make my favourite quinoa and roast veg dish and fill up on that. Food gives me energy in so many ways, just knowing that I’m filling my body with fabulous nutrients makes me really energised! And if I’m eating something that makes my taste buds sing, well, how can that not get you feeling your best?!?

4) If you could make something for one person, living or no longer with us, who would it be and what would you make?

That’s such a tough question! But I would have to say my husband, Morgan. I love cooking for him, and I love watching his reaction when he’s eating my food. It’s the most satisfying thing, to watch the person you love be so satisfied from eating your cooking!! He’s obsessed with sweet potato, so I would make him our special sweet potato fries, with my guacamole and salsa. It’s so simple, but it’s his comfort food and it makes him really happy. And that’s what food should do, don’t you think? (Definitely! – Katie)

vitality healthBianca’s beautiful website

5) Are you a sweet or savoury person?

It’s a close call but I’d have to go sweet. Raw vegan desserts all the way!

6) Juices or smoothies?

Both!! I love them both equally. Juices for all their delicious green glory, and smoothies to get my (healthy) chocolatey fix.

7) If I could tell everybody one thing, it’d be…

You have the power within yourself to be healthier and happier than you ever thought possible!! It’s all in your hands. You can choose to eat a healthy diet, to get outside and do some fun exercise, and change your mindset to one that will help you move forward. You can choose all of that! Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers because you have all of them right there inside you.

8) One of my favourite recipes from my website is:

I don’t really post recipes, but I did post my favourite green juice combination recently. It goes like this:
2x kale leaves (stalks and all)
3x celery stalks (including the leaves)
1x cucumber
1x carrot
1x lime
½ a lemon
Handful of fresh parsley.

Juice and drink immediately!! I love the citrus flavour of the lemon and lime, and if you’re worried about it tasting too ‘green’ then never fear, these fruits will deal with that nicely.

“Bianca MacLachlan is a passionate Yoga Teacher, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and avid blogger based in Karratha, WA. She uses yoga to connect her students back to their inner selves and find peace and balance in their daily lives.

She also mentors women who are feeling the call to change their unhealthy lifestyle, and through learning to listen to themselves they gain health, energy, passion, and a lifestyle that truly reflects their inner aspirations.

Formally trained in yoga, health coaching, nutrition and exercise instruction, with the addition of long-held passions for fitness, food and nature, mean Bianca comes from a place of balance, intuition and understanding.

This is reflected in her yoga practise, unique coaching packages, and her informative and empowering blog where she draws inspiration from her own journey and the world around her.

Find Bianca at: her website  //  Facebook  //  Instagram  //  Twitter  //

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