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Jul 152015


It’s been a while since I’ve put a vlog together for you all, so I thought I’d talk about a topic which a lot of you seem to mention at the moment, which is…… guilt. Guilt and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from my experience go hand-in-hand.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 8.35.10 AM

I can see you all nodding your head already…well, take a look at the video my lovely. I hope there’s something in it that resonates with you. Make sure you do your homework!

If guilt is an issue for you, please take a look at these other posts:

I’d love to hear your comments below- how does your illness make your feel guilty? Did your homework bring up any issues for you? I’m ready for you all, with a big hug and mug of tea!

Love and zero guilt,

Katie     xx

  18 Responses to “Guilt and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome : VIDEO”

  1. Started crying while watching this… clearly I must be feeling guilty!

    • Awww, my lovely Lucy- bless you my darling. It’s ok to feel guilty- it’s always best to learn to love it rather than bury it. Thank you beautiful! xx

  2. I am so glad I found this to watch, just what I needed after a day full of tears………. thank you.

  3. RRRRRRrrrr guilt. Thank you so much, Katie, for all you do. In the midst of this crazy making lazy seeming dis-ease I am constantly uplifted by you. I showed your vlog to my non-cfs daughters just so they could see how lovely you are.

  4. I feel guilty a lot in this illness especially when I say no to a lot of things & not contributing money as you said due to being unable to work at the moment, It’s so hard getting out that cycle! Great post :)

    • Thank you Steph- I really appreciate it. It can be incredibly hard cycle to step out of- guilt can pop up in all sorts of areas of our lives. There’s another article I wrote on CFS and work/money, which you might find interesting (just click here)- xx

  5. What magnificent advice Katie, all of it! I will listen to this vlog often, when I start feeling “selfish” for giving myself permission to heal. Thank you again, you always say the words I need to hear, and they always speak directly to my heart.

  6. Hmmm you may have hit on something here. I have always felt guilty for leaving my wife even though I knew it was the right thing to do for both our happiness. I’ve always felt guilty for hurting our young boys at the time. Yet I believe I did the right thing for everyone.
    I have been sick with fibro since about same time, went & had a failed back op, then 2 yrs later CFS set in as I spent 2 yrs coming home and lying down in a silent black room each night to decompress from my very stressful job.
    So guilt and shame, from divorce and stress & fear “pressure” from my job. That was a decade ago. Now been retired for two years and still fighting chronic fatigue & chronic pain from fibro. I often get post exertion malaise to the point my brain shuts down. Now my doctor told me he was fed up with my CFS. Told me not to come back!
    I’m confused & depressed by what my Dr did. It has stressed me to no end.
    I put it down to him not understanding the illness. Snickers when I tell him I can’t get up in mornings for appts or anything else. Never listens when I tell him how much I sleep.
    Are u going for walks? He asks.
    Just very depressed with this illness. However, I will work on the guilt thing and see if it helps.
    Thank you Katie!

    • Dave, is there any way you can go and see another doctor? My first doctor couldn’t really help me, but the second one did.

      There are a few articles which you might find useful: one here on depression and one here on shame.

      Thinking of you, Dave- x

  7. Im sure my head was on my pic last time I checked.

  8. So weird I realised when watching I feel guilty whilst looking after myself now but guilty for not having looked after myself before?! I can see that doesn’t make sense xx

    • It makes perfect sense, Katie- you’re caught between knowing you should look after yourself more, but not wanting to come off as selfish! xx

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