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Jan 192015
Hopes and dreams for 2015


Ahhhh, hello my love. It’s so good to be back with you again after being away in Bali for a little while. Bali has taught me so much about life and the limitations I seem to have placed on myself (for no good reason!), but more about that in another post.

It’s been a while, but I thought I’d record a little message for you all, just to check in.

So, without further ado, here are some hopes and dreams for 2015…

Hopes for the Blog

Last year my word for my life and the blog was ‘simplify’. I feel in many respects I did this, but in a lot of ways I slipped back into my old type-A habits again. After doing a lot of inner work last year and wrestling with a lot of self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness, my new words for life and this blog are…

guided actionGorgeous personalised, graphic created by Jo Klima at Maps To Herself

This looks like:

  • more mentoring spaces and supporting people along their journey.
  • another round (maybe two) of The Four Week Transformation Project (think Facebook group, videos, lots of support and funky graphics).
  • making more connections with people I admire to bring your their wealth of experience in interviews (i.e. not being too shy about it).
  • approaching more publications to help reach out to as many people with CFS as possible.
  • manifesting a speaking gig (or seven- this is where my teaching background comes in handy!)
  • bringing more people along into our beautiful little community.
  • more freebies for you (woohoo!)
  • at least one more (slightly larger) e-book
  • more surprises (for me too!)

(I’ve just realised how much that is for one year, but these actions are not set in stone or forced- only guided, flowing and feel-good.)

Hopes for Me

In my personal life this year, I would like to:

  • incorporate more yoga into my daily routine without feeling as though it’s eating into blog or teaching time (it’s actually an investment in my time if I’m more chilled out and focussed afterwards. Can’t be a bad thing, right?)
  • Practise mindfulness a little bit more, especially at work, where we often pace and move around like crazy people because we feel we should.
  • Make myself feel uncomfortable a little bit more, put myself into sticky situations (read: not life or death!) and see what happens. (Confession: I never pick up my mobile if it’s an unknown or random number. Anybody else do this?!)
  • Be more patient and kind to myself (because there’s always room for a little more.)
  • Be more creative in terms of art and making things with my hands, even if it’s an absolute disaster. It’s all good fun.
  • I would also love to invite in going back to school or studying of some sort, but I’m hoping the Universe can help me out with that one..!

Hopes and dreams for 2015Photo by Leon Ephraim for UnSplash

Hopes For You

With all my heart, I hope that you:

  • find your soul’s passion or interest to pull you up when you’re feeling down (even if it’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’- my own personal CFS boxset vice!)
  • get quiet enough to tap into what your body needs to heal (different strokes for different folks).
  • come to know how incredibly beautiful and fascinating you are.
  • come to know how incredibly beautiful and fascinating other people think you are (even if we don’t always accept it or feel that love from others in a way that is clear to us).
  • come to experience that feeling of certainty that comes with knowing that your body and mind are at peace and are healing.

Sending you lots of love and light my darling for a serene year ahead.

Thank you for being here.

Love, Katie     xxx

  6 Responses to “{AUDIO} Hopes and Dreams For 2015”

  1. Katie, I hope all your hopes come true this year. And that all the hopes you have for us come true for YOU too. You deserve the very best that life has to offer.

  2. beautiful! And an inspiration. I’d like to do a list like this too xo

  3. Amazing you, Katie… Hope all you want comes true. You spread goodness, you love and take care of yourself… And by doing this, you create amazing energy spreading through this Universe, and reaches every corner of it… Thanks

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