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Feb 282015


If in doubt, send love.


If you’re picking up bad vibes from someone, send love.

If you’re completely over it and want out, send love.

If you haven’t got a clue what to do next, send love.

If your head is pounding and your fingers are gripped, white at the knuckle, send love.

If you’re not sure if you can take it any longer, send love.

If you’re spaced out on the good times, send love.

If you hear the rumbling stomachs of others, sends love.

If you’re jealous as hell and you can’t hide it (I’ll have what she’s having), send love.

If you’re over the moon with elation, send love.


If you feel as though you’ve been abandoned, send love.

If you’re not sure your angels can hear you, send love.

If you can’t find your voice, send love.


Send it far, send it wide, send it high.

Throw it out, spin it out, sound it out.


Envelop your energy around that bubble and beam like a lighthouse.

Let all that you are be all that it can be.


If in doubt, send love.


if in doubt, send love


‘Cambodia Love’ artwork by Poppy & Pinecone taken from here

  4 Responses to “{POEM} If in Doubt, Send Love”

  1. Like everything else you write, this has spoken to my heart. I love this, and I am sending love to you and everyone on this blog, to those who are hurting and those who feel lost. I am sending love to those that can’t understand others pain and illness, I’m sending love to my body infected with mono, to myself, I am sending love to my fatigue…I am sending love to my friends, my family, and to God. That’s just the beginning. Thank you once again Katie for reminding me what is important.

  2. Honesty
    & Love to you! Thanks for sharing this, I love your posts :)

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