Today’s Guest Interview with Melissa Ambrosini

I am over-the-moon excited to be able to share this amazing interview with you today. I feel so lucky that this lovely lady took time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for us. I’m sure that you will love her- her words and enthusiasm for life are contagious and beautiful.

It is such a pleasure to introduce this interview with Melissa Ambrosini.


If you don’t know her already, Melissa Ambrosini is a Certified Health Coach, speaker, self-love advocate, blogger, writer and wellness mentor whose blog is loved by thousands of people around the world. One look at Melissa’s website and you know exactly what she stands for- passion, health, wellbeing, love and making dreams a reality. Mel is also one of the presenters of the TV programme, ‘HealthTalks’, which is getting rave reviews.

Mel’s personal wellness journey is truly inspirational and this lovely lady really walks her talk.

Please visit Mel’s inspirational website and follow her on social media (links are underneath the interview below). Melissa new e-book, 12 Steps to Wellness, is absolutely fantastic and highly recommended if you’re looking to kick-start your own healing journey. It’s bright, colourful and bursting with nuggets of wisdom!

Thank you so much to beautiful Mel for letting me interview her- I know her words will resonate with you just as much as this did with me.

Enjoy my darlings!

Love and big self-love,

Katie  xx


1. Describe yourself in three words.

Driven, loving, open.

2. What was the inspiration behind your website ‘Path to Wellness’?

Path to Wellness was a result of me wanting to share and pour out all my health, wellness and lifestyle knowledge to help you live your best life.

3. I know that you are passionate about fuelling your body with the right foods to create lasting energy and promote the body’s natural healing process. What would you say to someone wanting to start on the healthy eating path and what 3 foods would you use to persuade them?

I would say listen to your body, this I so important. There is so much information out there that we think ‘oh, I have to be vegan’, or ‘maybe paleo is right for me’. Just listen to you body, it knows best.

I would make them my superfood green warrior salad, and my 15 hour slow cooked lamb, with my raw chocolate cherry brownies for dessert.

superfood-salad Raw-cacao-cherry-brownie

4. You’re also a beautiful ambassador of self-love. Why is it important for us and what can we do to bring a little self-love into our everyday lives?

I believe self-love is at the core at everything we do. It’s the deep root of all of our decisions and how we see the world.

I talk about self-love loads in my eBook 12 Steps to Wellness (which you can get here) and I also give you ways to work your self-love muscle here

5. What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your health?

  • I eat all organic.
  • I don’t drink coffee or alcohol.
  • I buy fresh, local produce from the farmers market.
  • I exercise every day.
  • I get 8 hours sleep every night.
  • I drink loads of clean filtered water every day.
  • I take time out every day for me and to flex my self-love muscle.

6. What do you do or say to yourself if you’re having an ‘off’ day?

Usually when I am having an ‘off’ moment, I am in my head and not in the present moment so I gently remind myself to come back into the here and now.

7. What projects are you working on at the moment?

Another book, some great products, another retreat in Bali in October and some other goodies ;) You can sign up to my newsletter so you never miss a beat at

8. Any other words of support and encouragement to share with my readers?

Trust your gut. Always listen to your heart. Love wholeheartedly. Trust in the process of life. Forgive. Be grateful. Let go. Sing. Walk in nature. Do yoga. Listen to great music. Laugh. Drink tea. Have fun. Let go of control. Don’t be so serious. Open your heart. Get out of your head. Dance. Move your body. Be love.

(Wow, what a lady! – Katie     xx)

Follow Mel and set out on your own Path to Wellness!

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