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Jun 092015


If you’ve been following my Facebook page over recent months, you’ll know that I’ve been trying to find a way to make my teachings and experiences a little bit more accessible.

As much as I enjoy working with mentoring clients one-one-one, I completely understand that having to navigate time zones and arrange to get up and sit in front of the computer at a certain time can be agonising. There’s no way that I would’ve been able to do the same myself when I was very sick- too much fuss and frankly, it would take all of my strength to get through the call without falling asleep on the keyboard.

I’ve even had to turn away clients recently, which absolutely breaks my heart. Because I work during the day, I’ve been unable to work with a few clients at a time that is mutually convenient, so I knew I had to provide an alternative solution.

Introducing On-Demand CFS Mentoring

Over the next few weeks, I will be publishing some private YouTube videos on the topics I get asked the most about during my one-on-one CFS mentoring sessions. I’ll let you know via my Facebook page when they’re up and for a very small fee, you can access them instantly and watch them as many times as you like.

Mentoring Topics

Topics will include:

I’m also open to hearing about any other topics you might be interested in hearing about via video. Please get in touch with your ideas and suggestions my darling- don’t be shy!

Why On-Demand Mentoring

As previously mentioned, I know that having to arrange a time with me is inconvenient. You have no idea how much energy you’re going to have on the day, so you might pay to work with me and then not get the value out of the session. You won’t have to mess around with time zones, or making sure that you’re ‘looking presentable’ (I panic about this too, don’t worry!). You won’t even have to leave your bed.

You’ll be able to access advice that I’ve given to my clients at a time and place to suit you, and you can access it as often as you like. It’s also a fraction of the cost of live mentoring and won’t take up a whole hour of your time. Simples!

How to Access the On-Demand CFS Mentoring Sessions

To be taken directly to the page, click here or on the big image at the top of this page.
You will then be taken to a payment page (Paypal accepted), and you will have instant access to your requested video after that. Watch at your leisure, and please feel free to email me should you have any further questions.
Thank you so much for your time my love- I really hope that sharing information in this way is a bit more helpful and convenient for you!
Love, Katie      xxx

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