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Aug 312015
Finding ME Preview

As many of you know, I’m currently in the process of launching my new book, ‘Finding M.E.’. If I’m completely honest, it’s all a little surreal, and I feel as though everything’s moving in slow motion. I’m definitely being called to just trust that everything will work out for the best and not to push things. I feel as though I’ve done my part, and I just need to finalise a few little details.

I just thought I’d put together a video for you to address some of the questions I’ve had via email over the last few days.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • why this book is completely out of my hands now
  • why I’m launching my new book in a slightly unconventional way
  • how you’ll be able to order it and when it’ll be available
  • whether or not I’ll be producing an audiobook (let me know!)
  • why there might be a second book in the works sooner than you think!

Click the links below to read more book previews:

{VIDEO} Launching my New Book, ‘Finding M.E.’, (and a Song!)

I hope you enjoyed this little preview my lovely.

Can’t wait to let you know when she’s released out into the world! Make sure you’re following me on Facebook to find out first.

Lots of love, Katie    xxx

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  1. How did you recover from cfs?0

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