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Sep 152015

This post is inspired by the beautiful and revolutionary Danielle LaPorte.

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A Letter to Chronic Fatigue

Dear CFS, the Love of my life,

You’ve been with me through thick and thin, through good times and some incredibly bad times. I know you’ve been feeling that this was going to happen for a while, but I’m sorry to say that now that time has come. The time has come for me to thank you for all the blessings you have given me and for all the great, great lessons you’ve taught me. You will never know how grateful I am to you for all that you have given me.

You’ve made me scared, frightened, fearful and sick with worry.

You’ve made me feel hopeless, desperate and ashamed.

You’ve made me ache, made my writhe in pain, made me stay up all night, made me sleep until it’s impossible to sleep any more.

You’ve made me doubt myself, doubt my life, doubt my relationships.

You’ve made the possible impossible; the easy, mind-bendingly difficult; the ordinary, an extraordinary task.


You’ve made me listen to the birds again.

You’ve made me watch and listen to the rustle of the tress once more.

You’ve made me realise that I’m pretty unique and goofy, and that’s ok.

You’ve made me appreciate the little things.

You’ve made me cry with gratitude at another day, another opportunity to live life.

You’ve made to give thanks for my amazing fiancé, supportive family and super friends.

You’ve made me realise that my life is here as a gift, and it’s mine to give in the most loving way I can to others, and to myself.

You’ve made me realise I am limitless. I am boundless. I am free.


That this world is worth the wait.


That people need my gifts.


That life is beautiful and glowingly sacred.


I am strong because of you. I am in love because of you. I am vulnerable because of you. I am myself because of you.


For that, my dear friend, I will always be truly grateful.


In love and abundant gratitude,

Katie     xx

Finding M.E.

  4 Responses to “A Letter to Chronic Fatigue”

  1. This is beautiful!! Made me tear up. Cos it’s so true- out of all the pain and heartache and terribleness, this is exactly how I feel too. I’ve been learning so much! And on my journey to better health (it’s a slow but exciting one) I’ve come to realise these things, more and more. Thanks for sharing this and making me feel even more appreciation for what I have been through. What we ALL have been through Xx

  2. Thank you for your website – I’m glad you have found such amazing healing and I appreciate the openness of what you offer to the world.
    But – please reconsider its title. I believe very deeply that fear has to be be-friended, just like CFS.
    For me, right now in another relapse, it is not something to conquer. It needs to be listened to, to release its ‘stories’, and then felt in my body. Where it lodges, what its quality is, in the present moment. This is how I meet it. Then it dissolves. Love Caroline.

    • Hi Caroline- thank you so much for your message. I’ve actually been thinking the same thing myself recently! ‘Fear’ is almost impossible to conquer! Thank you for your comment, lovely one- xx

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