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Feb 032015


In true Oprah Super Soul Sunday style, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about change and how far away I am from the vision of my life that I had planned for myself when I was 14. To be honest, I didn’t really know what I’d be doing, but I thank the heavens and cosmos every day that things are the way they are right now, warts and all.


Cartoon by Everyday People

If I could go back and share some life lessons with my 14-year-old self anything, they would be-

  1. It’s not going to look you think it will. It’ll be even better.
  2. Trust the process.
  3. Hang on- don’t fall out of the roller-coaster.
  4. If you feel sad because a friend leaves your life, just know that there’s someone beautiful just waiting for you around the corner.
  5. You can’t see this right now, but you’re pretty flippin’ strong. Others will see, but sometimes you won’t- trust them on this.
  6. Don’t compare yourself to others as much as you do right now. We’re all built differently, but it’s not until we get a bit older that we see this as a strength rather than a weakness.
  7. Trust your gut. The more you do, the brighter your intuition burns. It’s your brightest light, my dear.
  8. Keep being independent- that what makes you ‘you’.
  9. Let yourself be fascinated by things that you wouldn’t normally feel fascinated by- keep being curious. Don’t stop yourself from diving in just because you can’t see the bottom.
  10. Your soul-sisters are there just waiting for you with open arms and you won’t have to pretend anymore. Stop putting up the barriers.
  11. Your loved ones love you with everything they have- love looks like different things to different people.
  12. You’re a bit of weirdo and people tell you this is a bad thing, but you’ll flippin’ love it when you’re older.
  13. Let yourself be surprised and enjoy innocence- it keeps things fresh and interesting. It doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.
  14. It’s ok to rest. You need to, for your mind and body, and it’s ok to want to.
  15. You’ve only got one life. Play the game well and bat it out of the field…. every.single.time.

Most importantly…


How about you my lovelies? What would you go back and tell your 14-year-old self?

Love and teenage kicks,

Katie    xxx

  8 Responses to “15 Life Lessons I Would Tell My 14-Year-Old Self”

  1. What a great list! I was vigorously nodding the whole time I was reading :) I think one thing I would add is that it’s okay to sometimes feel sad/angry/lost – the tough times are necessary to grow your soul and to show you the beauty of the good times.

  2. I guess given that in reality my 14 year old self would not have listened to me, I would say:
    Because you are looking for acceptance you will look for it in people who will mistreat you and disrespect you. This does not mean you are weak, but that they are. I acknowledge the struggle to be seen and heard which you will have and I say to you….you will do what it is you feel you will need to do to survive and I love you for it. Gentle hugs my beautiful child xxxxxxxxx

    • Valeria, this is just absolutely beautiful. Thank you sharing! (I doubt my 14-year-old self would’ve listened either, there would probably have been a lot of eye-rolling!) xx

  3. 2. Trust the process – This is my mantra.

    Great list :)

  4. I have to remember to not compare myself to others. I think everyone is doing better than me and it makes me feel weaker and discouraged. A great list Katie!

    • Aaah, yes- this is still something I strive towards everyday, not being sucked into comparisonitis. You’re stronger than you know my love- xx

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