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Nov 262014


As some of you may have read last week in this article, I’ve been feeling a bit wobbly on my blogging feet recently and have been wondering which way to go. I very quickly realised that I had forgotten the essence of why I set up the blog in the first place, as an alternative healing haven in the midst of confusion for those with CFS/ME, and other conditions in which fatigue interferes with day-to-day living in a major way. I knew that needed to swallow my fear, put my head down and plough on.

As I result, I wanted to put together this list for you- my pledge. As my little blog grows and we welcome more people into our community (yey!), I wanted you all to know my principles in relation to this blog and how I will try my best to serve you. Call it a pledge if you will.

In a way, I’m writing this for myself as well as all of you, to help me ride through my fears of not being good enough, and help me step into the light to love, openness and collaboration in a bigger and more authentic way.

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The ‘Conquering Fear Spiritually’ Pledge

  • One of my guiding principles is learning in a positive environment. This blog, I hope, provides a safe, non-judgemental platform for people to come and feel like someone ‘gets it’. No negative vibes here, thank you kindly.
  • I will always try my best to help you in whatever way I can. Sometimes, I don’t manage to get back to you as quickly as I would like, but I do read what you write and I’m always thinking of you.
  • I will always try and examine my fears and put them out to you, so you can see if they resonate with you too. At the moment, I’m not so hot at this (fear!), but I’m trying to move outside my comfort zone as often as possible (instant growth, even if you don’t know or appreciate it at the time).
  • I will not drag you through the mud with false promises and hopes. What you read is what you get.
  • I will try to share as many things with you from my own life as I can, within reason of course. I am petrified of having my photo taken, so you might have to bear with me on this one. I’m working on it!
  • I will always try and write things I think you’d like to read about, things that I wish someone had told me while I was healing.
  • I will not recommend anything that I haven’t tried or tested myself. If I’m not sure about a question, I’ll tell you I’m not sure about it. I’ll then go and research it.
  • I will always keep your needs in mind- if you feel like I’m straying, please get in touch.
  • I will always approach everything I do with honesty, vulnerability and wonder. Like everyone, I have off-days, but I will never put blogs out there written when I’m in a complete and utter funk.
  • Gratitude and connection are key. I want to keep in touch with you more often and see how you’re going.

Let’s make it happen.

Love and good ol’ clarity,

Katie      xxx

* Image taken with gratitude from – artwork by Elise Wehle


  11 Responses to “My Pledge To All Of You…”

  1. Hi Katie,

    I gain a great deal from what you post.
    I’d like to add that you needn’t ever feel pressure to keep blogging or keep to a schedule. Your posts stand the test of time.
    So maybe less is more. If you can only post once a month (because of your life commitments) then please know it doesn’t diminish the value of that post or your blog overall.
    I appreciate the time you place into your postings, the way you link certain relevant words to past posts is b helpful but I know as a blogger myself it all takes time and care.
    Sometimes that time and care needs to go on yourself doesn’t it – all about balance.
    I have had Cf for over 20years, and been a similar healing pathway to your own. Reading and learning especially from the Hay house authors. Lots has helped over the time. Still then pieces come.
    I have been in a particularly tough patch this winter after a few further years of being in the house and bed.
    Hence I’ve had to stop posting at Secrets for the time being.

    Anyway all your points here a very relevant and respectful I guess I just wanted to offer that you also consider your needs within it too, because I know we as your readers want you to, and thank you for all that you share from the heart.
    This is certainly a place of non judgement and soft healing energy, both so vital esp in healing CF

    Here’s to being gentle with one another and ourselves
    Love and light
    Kathryn (in NE England)

    • Kathryn, thank you so much for your kind words my darling- they really mean a lot. I hope you’re feeling stronger after the winter you’ve just had in the North-East of England (have heard how terrible it’s been from my parents!)

      Look after yourself my lovely and thank you again- xxx

  2. Hi Katie,

    Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. There are very few blogs that hold my interest(partially due to concentration); but I really love how your posts carry such quality information. With your background as a teacher and your own personal experience with CFS, I think is a really powerful combination.

    And I agree with Kathryn, I think it is important not to put too much pressure on yourself regarding how often or how regular you post, let your soul guide the way :)

    Sending much love and gratitude for all that you share.

    Jada Rae

  3. This is just wonderful, Katie! It helps so much to have something to purposely move in a direction that connects what you do with who you can help. I look forward to reading more!

  4. I agree with all above! I love reading your posts and find them honest, down to earth, encouraging, helpful, informative, reassuring and it helps to know I’m not alone. I too love all the spiritual and energy ‘woo woo’ stuff and feel this has helped me in my recovery journey tremendously. You are doing a fantastic job perfectly just as you are :-) As regards to photos your inner and outer beauty shines out of photographs of you :D

    Much love
    Julia xxx

  5. I subscribe exactly what Julia has said, totally! I’m very grateful to you, Katie, showing your thoughts, experiences and vulnerabilities has helped a lot, I was really loosing hope, although I’ve been so lucky to have been in this path of spirituallity and self responsibility from the beginning of my fall and sailing through illness and healing, I was beginning to think it had no way to get through it. Finding your blog gave me new energies to keep on this voyage and imagining an end to this long and terrible tunnel.
    So i love the good vibes, the love with which you write, and the voyage through yourself, I feel much identified with your wanderings (although in my own way, haha) and it helps me see things in me that are essential.
    So for me, all is OK and I consider your blog and you as a gift
    Take care of yourself, and take your own pace, all we know you are busy, you are living your personal life… And you attend generously when you can
    Lots of love and thanks

  6. Your blog is the one I can’t wait to get to each day (and your FaceBook page). The information you share is so valuable, but it’s your personal touch that makes it so special. Your “A Message From the Angels: You Are Not Alone” audio message is one I listen to quite often, when I’m feeling really low. Your writing and speaking comes from your heart and can be felt so strongly. Thank you Katie. A big hug to you.

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