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Jul 132015


I can hardly believe I’m writing this post, but it seems as though the time has come!

unsplash book(Image by Alice Hampson via Unsplash)

Would you like to Proofread my New Book?

From the very first word I wrote, my intention with this book has been all about communicating with this community. Therefore, it only seems right to ask if any of you would like to proofread my new book!

(Click here for a preview passage from the book).

The book isn’t completely finished, but it’s nearly there. I’m currently looking into cover design, type-setting and how to go about producing the book. To be honest, I’m resisting doing this with every cell in body- fear, pure and simple- but I know I have no choice but to push through this.

What I’m Looking For

I’m looking for a small team of lovely people who can give me honest feedback about my book and who are willing to tell me the truth without sugar-coating things!

I’m not necessarily looking for anyone to spellcheck the copy or improve the structure or style, although if you have special expertise in this area, please let me know.

There is no great rush to read the whole lot in record time, although it’d be great if you were able to read the book sooner rather than later. Then, it’d be fab if you could email me back with any comments you have- again, this doesn’t have to be an essay, but I’d be so grateful for your feedback.

Obviously, it goes without saying that if I send a copy to you, please don’t share it with anyone else!

Proofreading Details

As it stands the book is 40 A4 pages long (single-spaced), and it will be sent to you as a PDF file later on this week.

Still Interested?

Please email with the subject ‘Proofreading’ and I will pull a few names out of the hat this week.

(UPDATE: Please email asap, as I’ve had a lot of interest already and might have to put in a ‘cut off’ date!)

(N.B. Please do not reply to these comments- only email expressions of interest will be accepted).

I am looking for around 6 people to proofread, so I’m sorry if your name doesn’t get randomly chosen this time. The book will hopefully be available soon!

Thank you so much my loves- I hope to be sending you a preview of my book shortly!

Love and gratitude,

Katie   xxx

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