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Sep 232015


As I’ll explain in my latest Soundcloud audio recording (love doing these for you!), my world is filled with a lot of ‘career’ talk at the moment, and it seems as though a lot of people are going through job/work-based transitions.


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The word ‘success’ has never really sat comfortably with me and I often find that it’s overused a lot in our society.

Listen to the audio to discover what success means to you and how you can redefine it and live it on your own terms.

Success is what you feel it is, not what anyone else thinks it looks like.

Love and going with the flow,

Katie      xxx

  3 Responses to “{AUDIO} Redefining Success”

  1. Thanks for this Katie
    Most days success is just that I managed to get up and showered and dressed, there are other days when it’s that I actually managed to make it to an appointment. I make sure I keep a gratitude journal by my bedside so that each day I can write down all the things I’m grateful for – like being able to sit outside in the sun and listen to the bird song, or managing to make a nourishing meal. It’s like writing down your success story every day :)
    I appreciate you Katie! Have a joy filled week :)

  2. Always love hearing your sweet voice. Yes, success is so different for everyone and also becomes different as you age and definitely different if you are sick. I think we have put too much pressure on people to become something big and fabulous and it’s part of why so many people are anxiety ridden. At my point in life, I just want to be peaceful and content. If I can achieve this, I will feel successful. You are such an inspiration. XOXO

    • Yes, I think we’re under incredible pressure, Sheila, and sometimes we’re not even aware of it! There’s a lot of influence from mainstream and social media. I’m just like you- a content, peaceful and healthy life is what I’m aiming for!

      Thank you beautiful.


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