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Feb 172015


Many of you have read about my belief that I think the reason Chronic Fatigue Syndrome started within me in the first place was because I was coming from a place of fear. Once I realised this fear, my healing really began and healing became expected and easy.

Fear comes in many forms and disguises. The most obvious, widely recognised forms of fear are phobias- spiders, snakes, the dark or small spaces. People respect these fears, are sympathetic towards those who have them and many take active steps to lessen their fears.

Fear however can be seen in us in many ways other than phobias. Many of these varieties are subtle, sneaky and even a bit uncomfortable at times. Have a look at the list of fear-based emotions below and see if any of these words and ideas resonate with you. Where are you frightened? Can you see where this fear comes from in your life?

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 Fear-Based Emotions

  • dishonesty (lying- to others and to yourself)
  • anxiety
  • worry
  • being boastful
  • feeling hopeless
  • despair / depression
  • panic
  • illness
  • fatigue
  • negativity
  • getting cold feet or giving up
  • excessive focus on the past or the future
  • jealousy and suspicion
  • shrinking away (not being your true self)
  • being too selfish / not considering other people’s opinions or views
  • pleasing other people
  • focusing on darkness
  • not confronting others for fear of arguments
  • not asking others to help you
  • feeling worthless
  • hiding away
  • feeling helpless
  • feeling alone

Now, once you’ve recognised these traits in yourself, replace your attitude with one of overwhelming love:

loveImage taken from here

Love-Based Emotions

Which negative emotions can you replace with loving ones today?

Love and more love,

Katie    xx

  2 Responses to “23 Secret Fear-Based Emotions”

  1. LOVE THIS. I just realized this lesson (although I see it come up over and over) in my recent “crash.” I was swallowed up in such a state of Fear. Once I softened and accepted, I realized I really am always love, joy, and peace at the core (you can check out my recent post if you’d like to see how I arrived at this!). Thanks for this. Loved this and really loved the letter to my illness post, I could leave comments on all your amazing posts all day long! I was wondering if we can still sign up for the Transformation Project even without facebook!? I really hope so!!!

    • Awww, thank you so much Laura- you’re so kind! It’s so lovely to hear people recognising the fear in their lives and how it can limit them. Looking forward to having you on the 4-Week Transformation Project (which will be mostly website-based, so it’s all good!)

      Take care, Laura! Thanks again!
      Katie xx

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