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Jul 092013


Now, just before you laugh and snort at my use of the phrase ‘Self-Love’ in this post, I just want you to know that I too was one of the people who sniggered at it. What a weird, hippy, marshmallow-y concept, ey?! Self-Love?! Pphhh!

When I was in my element, singing and doing all thing musical, I was pretty in love with my life and even though I didn’t look perfect, my passion for music carried me through. My Self-Love cup was pretty darn full- full to overflowing even. I skipped out of bed, wondering what the day would bring and I loved life, I really did.

The problem came however, when I decided to turn my back on all of this and my intuition, and step into something I really didn’t feel comfortable with. It was so completely alien to me, it was hilarious. My soul just didn’t like it and I instinctively knew that further down the line, in some way shape or form, I’d regret it.

As you all know, the form it came to me in was CFS/M.E and if any of that Self-Love was left at all, it had completely left me by then. I felt hollow, alone, empty and completely worthless. The only thing I could do was lie in bed and read (this was many months into my illness, reading was impossible for me for a very  long time!). I stumbled across many authors that you know- Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Caroline Myss, and my world changed forever.

self love

Image taken from Path to Wellness by beautiful Melissa Ambrosini

Suddenly, I realised that just because I was ill, it didn’t mean that I was any less worthy than anyone else. It didn’t mean I was half a person or trailing behind in the shadows. I realised that I was unique, individually created and brought here by the universe for some special purpose. I had no idea what that was, but just this knowing made me realise how special and amazing all of us are, without exception. The only way you can realise this is by working your Self-Love muscle, which can become weak during illness.

Now, don’t get me wrong- it’s far from easy. I have days when I want to hide away from everyone, days when I’m having a ‘bad skin day’ or I’m just feeling a disgruntled or fed-up- I’m only human. The Self-Love thing is definitely a muscle, but the more your work it, the easier it gets and the easier you’ll be on your self. Up until recently, I got so angry with myself for the way I treat myself during my illness- my self-talk and the way I constantly went over things in my head meant that I really feel it slowed down my recovery time. I wasn’t being my best self and in that way I was going against everything I knew was amazing and unique to me.

So, how can jump on the Self-Love bandwagon?

Click here.

Click here


then here.

You can also read one of the many Guest Interviews I’ve done on my blog- these ladies really know the importance of self-love and know how to keep their tanks full.

I’d also like to mention these beautiful ladies in particular. They all fly the Self-Love flag and have beautiful blogs which you can access at the click of a button:

Website links: Tara Bliss at Such Different Skies  //  Jess Ainscough- The Wellness Warrior  //  Michelle Marie McGrath at Sacred Self  //  Julie Parker at Beautiful You  //  Rachel MacDonald from In Spaces Between  //  Melissa Ambrosini from Path to Wellness

Love and honour yourself enough to feel comfortable in your own skin, comfortable with where you are now and comfortable with how amazing you are.

How can you flex your Self-Love muscle today?

Love and more self-love,

Katie    xx

  4 Responses to “Self Love and Illness: This Is It!”

  1. thank you gorgeous! I love all these beautiful ladies and am delighted to be mentioned with these self-love sisters.
    Much love to you love mxxx

    • It’s an absolute pleasure my darling- thank YOU for being so amazing and lovely! You’re an example to all of us! xx

  2. Thank you for these links! My new year’s resolution of sorts was to focus on self-care this year, and that’s hugely related to self-love!
    I’ve clicked all these links, and some of them look absolutely amazing. I’ve signed up to a load of their mailing lists and I feel like I’m this web of positivity and love and it’s definitely what I need in my life right now! Thank you! <3

    • Awww, thank you Elizabeth! Self-care is a huge priority for me this year as well. I’m not always so great at it, but I’m getting there! Glad you signed up to some of the girls’ mailing lists- they’re all fabulous!

      Thanks Elizabeth!
      Katie xx

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