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Jan 172015


It’s official my dears- I have a new love! The benefits of dry body brushing have won me over. I’ve been incredibly curious about body brushing for a long time, but for whatever reason have never gotten round to really trying it. It’s incredibly effective and I have to say I would feel ‘off’ now if I didn’t start my day with it.

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The Benefits of Body Brushing

The list is absolutely endless!

  • Gives you instant energy in the morning (can also be done at night slowly as a way to calm you before bed)
  • It’s a great thing to do to get in touch with your body
  • As an amazing self-love practice
  • To boost your circulation
  • To help reduce cellulite/rough skin
  • Calms the mind
  • Helps your body to detox through the pores and through activating the lymphatic system

Why it’s great for CFS

The moment you start dry-body brushing, you will feel an instant ‘zing’ of energy. As you brush, feel the heat and energy moving through each part of your body individually. Focus and trust this is clear, beautiful vital energy moving through your body- your energy is still with you and isn’t as dormant or non-existent as you thought it was! (Trust me, this instant energy feeling is addictive and gets me all revved up for the day!)

How to do it

Dry body brushing can be done before or after you shower (I prefer to do it before, as I leap into the shower and it’s a great start to this part of my day!) Obviously, the clue is in the name- the brush and your skin need to be dry to get maximum effect from the process (just checking, you know!)

Start from your feet upwards  and use quickly, but gentle strokes up each leg. Wherever you brush, make sure the strokes are always in the direction of your heart (for example, if you’re doing your neck, you’ll use downward strokes, but if at your legs, you’ll have to brush up the way). You should also brush from the left to the right side of your body.

I usually do a quick, few minute burst in the morning before I hop into the shower, but you can take up to 20 minutes if you’d like to really take time out for yourself use long, meditative strokes.

BUT be careful around delicate areas, such as breasts and genitalia, and make sure you don’t go at it too hard- it’s a skin brush, not a skin scrub!

Have a look at this diagram as a guide:


Image taken from here

Buying a Body Brush

Most health food stores will stock body brushes and you might find them in chemists as well. Stick with natural bristles- you don’t want to go too hard on your delicate skin! Brushes are not expensive at all. Some have handles and/or knobbly bits, some don’t, but the brush part is really all you need!

Cleaning Your Brush

To get rid of any dead skin cells (nice!), I usually wash mine once a week with a little bit of organic Castile soap, such as these beautiful, concentrated formulas from Dr. Bronner’s. I then leave it outside or hang it up to dry. Simple!

Still not convinced?

Watch this amazing video with Jess Ainscough and Mel Ambrosini from the fantastic HealthTalksTV!

So, there we have it my darling- I really can’t recommend dry body brushing enough- it has completely revolutionised my mornings and makes me excited to start my day.

Let me know in the comments below- have you tried Dry Body Brushing yet? Do you feel better for doing it?

Love and zingy energy,

Katie   xx

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  1. I’m super excited to try this! Thank you Katie! ❤️

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