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Nov 062015
Best Essential Oils for chronic fatigue

I’ve dabbled in essentials oils in my time, but never really seemed to be able to find oils that had a profound effect on me. They’ve always just been something that smells nice for a little while, but nothing more than that.

I’ve recently been diving more into the healing powers of essential oils, and I really wish I’d had access to them when I was ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I think they really would’ve helped to relieve my symptoms when I was feeling like hell and on my road to recovery.

Best Essential Oils for chronic fatigue

The Best Essential Oils For Chronic Fatigue

1) Lavender

If you’re one of those people who remembers overly-scented lavender bars of soaps from your childhood (or maybe that’s just me!), think again!

I really wish I’d had lavender oil to help with my chronic insomnia when I was sick. It’s ironic that an illness that makes us so fatigued can also cause insomnia too.

My husband was having trouble sleeping a few weeks ago, and although he’s a bit of a sceptic, he was out like a light within minutes of me rubbing lavender oil on the soles of his feet! Even he had to admit that lavender worked for him!

Lavender oil uses: rubbing on soles of the feet before bed; putting a few drops in a warm bath; putting a few drops on your pillow or wrists before bed.

2) Orange

Oranges are not really the first thing we think about when we think about energy, but that smell of the zest of a ripe orange or orange oil in a blend can really help to energise us. It also makes me feel instantly happy and upbeat!

Orange oil is also said to be the oil of abundance, so can help to make us feel a little more positive when we’re not feeling so hot.

Orange oil uses: great in a diffuser or burner; good to use as a perfume (my personal favourite!).

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3) Peppermint

Peppermint is great for wanting to be alert and more focused. It also goes well when you diffuse or burn it with orange essential oil- the ultimate pick-me-up!

Peppermint oil uses: great in a diffuser or burner; good to just smell from the bottle for an instant energy burst.

4) Geranium

This has to be my favourite oil at the moment, and I just love wearing it as a perfume. I feel so loved, serene and calm when I use this oil, and have had comments from complete strangers in the middle of the street when I wear it!

If you’re feeling down or like you need a little more love in your life, I can’t recommend Geranium enough.

Geranium oil uses: mix a drop with your favourite facial moisturiser; diffuse or use in a burner; wear as a perfume; put a few drops in your bath.

Do you enjoy using essential oils my lovely? How have you found them beneficial? Let me know below!

Love, Katie   xxx

(P.S. If you would like to know more about essential oils and how you can use them in your life own life, please fill in this form and I’ll get back to you asap.)

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  1. I love using Ocotea, Angelica, Hyssop, German Chamomile, and Eucalyptus Globulus! I get them from my coworker who sells Young Living because DoTerra doesn’t have them.

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