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Feb 122015


I thought is was about time I created a manifesto for this website and for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I’ve been meaning to bring this to you for so long, but it’s been on my wall for a while now and every time I look at it, I feel strong, powerful and full of universal spirit.

I think the manifesto says it all. This is the mission for my website and a list of the gifts I feel I have received while having and conquering CFS.


Please, please pin this on your bedroom wall, on the table next to your bed, on the fridge, in the car, in the bathroom, on the back of the front door, keep a copy in your wallet- anywhere where you know you’ll look regularly and where you know you’ll most need to be inspired. Pinning it in the bathroom, so you look at it morning if you’re not a morning person, for example, is a good one.

Click here to download your own copy of the manifestoThe CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME MANIFESTO

Share with your friends, your partner, your family, your children, your colleagues, your dog, the neighbours, you internet circle. Share the love.

You’ve got this thing covered.


Love and liberation,

Katie    xxx


  13 Responses to “The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Manifesto”

  1. Thank you Katie, what an inspiring manifesto. Saw your post on the ME Association facebook page. Love Karen xo

  2. This is wonderful, I am inspired to write my own manifesto. I will post a link here when I do. Praise God I found this website. I’ve been ill with ME for about four years and have been mostly bed bound for the last 9 months. It has been so long since I felt inspired spiritually, and your website and advice comes at the perfect moment. God Bless You.

    • Bebe, I had tears in my eyes reading your comment. Please, please send your manifesto to me at and I’ll share it with everyone. Bless you, Bebe- I hope that can find some strength in the website today and in knowing that your healing is very real and is within you.

      Love and gratitude, Katie xx

  3. Thank you for shaing your beautiful manifesto. I’m going to put it in my bathroom so that I can read it every morning. I was thinking it would be a nice share on facebook, especially with FK/CFS/ME awareness day coming up May 12th!

    • Hi Teri! Thank you so much for your kind words- they really mean a lot to me. If you’d like to share the Manifesto on Facebook, that’d be lovely- thank you! I’ve got something in mind for May 12th that I hope will get everybody into ‘creativity’ mode- more on this soon!

      Take care Teri,
      Katie xx

  4. I love this thank you :) xx

  5. Great post(of many :) ) I couldn’t agree more with the part abt the illness being a lesson, before it I was in a boring job, stressed living in London and just come out of a relationship that had been stressful & wrong for me so yeah this last 7 years has been all about learning what works for me with some false starts along the way but slowly I’m getting there. Back to being me. Seeing an immunology doc & learning how my immune system struggles more than some people since the glandular fever(and put me at risk of lymphoma) has also been an insight to making changes. I swear by cayenne pepper, turmeric & apple cider vinegar to cleanse especially when I’ve got a cold etc… Natural is best. Gonna get back on the flaxseed and try for more rice than bread as have more energy on those days.

  6. Katie, thank you for this. As someone who has been working hard to kick CFS’s butt, I greatly appreciate this manifesto! I think the biggest leap in my recovery was when I finally accepted CFS as being a part of my life that was there to teach me. I don’t accept CFS as being a part of my life forever (hence why I am kicking its butt!), but, a year after my journey to wellness, I have to say it has taught me some incredible lessons that will make be a better, healthier and kinder person for the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing your manifesto and your story, Katie!

  7. This is truly spot on, poignant and precisely relevant to so many (if not all) chronic illnesses and disabilities. Brilliant manifesto, Katie – it deserves to hang in the homes of all those affected by serious health problems.

    ♥ Jessica

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