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Sep 162015

You Don't Have To Think About It All The Time

I’m going to let you in on a little secret today, one that I really wish I’d known about when I was sick. Well, it’s not really a secret, but if you read on, it sure as anything feels like one.

You don’t have to think about it all the time.

You don’t have to think about how ill you are all the time.

Nobody is going to crawl into your head and check that your thoughts are matching your physical symptoms.

What do I mean?

This. Pure guilt.

I’m a pretty sick person, so therefore, these should be my thoughts. I must choose the thoughts of a sick person, because if I choose nice thoughts, someone will read my mind and call me up on it. My thoughts are too happy and therefore I must be a fraud, right?

Do you resonate with this my love?

Are you forcing yourself to sometimes choose negative thoughts because you feel trapped in your illness and this is how illness should feel?

Are you frightened to choose, as Abraham Hicks would say, “Better feeling thoughts”, because you want to stay ‘with’ your illness and align yourself with this rather than something bigger than you? Are you acting out of what your illness would do and feel, rather than what you really want to feel?

Do not choose thoughts based on what possibly psychic people close to you might do or not do, say or not say.

There is nothing wrong with choosing a better feeling thought. In fact, I truly believe that this is the way to go.

Why are you feeling bad for being more positive?

You don’t have to think about it all the time.

Give yourself a break.

Love, Katie     xx

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  6 Responses to “You Don’t Have To Think About It All The Time”

  1. Every post of yours I read, resonates SO much with me! I think with this one, feeling and thinking those “ill thoughts” make it feel less fraudulent for me. As though what I’m going through isn’t real, just because it isn’t necessarily seen in the outside, or because people can’t see it. As I’ve had friends question and doubt me and my illnesses the whole time, it’s made me feel better about myself and my position, but in a way, it’s also hurtful too. Thanks for bringing so much to light for me- As usual! It’s so amazing to have someone else perfectly articulate what specific and hard things you’re goin though. I’ve felt less alone reading your posts X

    • Thank you so much, Anna- if I can make anyone feel a little better out there, it’s all been worth it! Comments from family and friends will always hurt when we’re ill, but we just have to know that they don’t mean any harm. Most of the time, they’re just concerned (click here for an article I wrote about this).

      Thanks again my love- xx

  2. For me too at the beginnig, and now, sometimes… WHen I feel full, despite the illness, sometimes I think: this is a sign that I’m not so ill, maybe I’m getting some advantage from it… An it comes. I feel worse, it couldn´t be otherwise… And the same when I feel I need to prove to others that I’m so badly as I really am, but making it so evident, is a way as to justify I’m not working or sth else… because I’m feeling guilty if I look too happy (by the way, I’m filling better than ever, internally speaking, more true to who I am…)
    Thanks again

  3. Thanks Katie, amazing words as always. I definitely struggle with this, and allow other people’s unhelpful comments to dictate too much. I want to let this go so badly. Thanks for the reminder that it is allowed!:) xx

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