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Jun 162015

Trusting your body CFS

We might not want to hear this when they’re crying out in pain, but our bodies are incredible.

Our heart has been beating since before we even arrived here.

Our veins and arteries are thick with blood and goodness that is constantly serving us.

Our organs are working in pure, unadulterated harmony, without asking for anything in return.

Our lungs help to filter out what we need and bring us even more precious life force.

Our bodies ARE healing us- they never cease to believe in us.

The least we can do is believe in them, but I felt so disconnected from my body during my illness. I would push it to the point of prolonged relapse, and didn’t learn my lesson for years. I completely ignored all of my personal relapse triggers. I always thought that I knew best, and that I could control my body, and therefore my illness, by telling it what I wanted it to do and how it should be behaving.

Trusting your Body during Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Much of the information in this video is pretty straight forward, but I often find that it’s the simple stuff in life that we most need to be reminded of. As I wrote about in this article, listening to your body definitely takes practice, but it’s also important to remind ourselves that our body and mindsare linked, that our thoughts often become detrimental to your health (trust me, I’ve been there!) and that our bodies respond to everything.

Enjoy my lovely- I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Love, Katie      xxx

  6 Responses to “{VIDEO} Trusting your Body during Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

  1. Oh, Katie – we need this message over and over and over, given that our society has ignored or marginalised bodies and feelings and intuition for so long. Love you!

  2. Great video Katie! I get so caught up in the whys’ – why is my body doing this? Why can’t it keep up with her? That I forget that sometimes my body just needs to rest.
    Can I share this with a Facebook group about coping with illness? I think a lot of people would benefit from it :) x
    (my twitter is : karapbara for contact)

    • Hmmm, yes- it’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘whys’. I did this so much in the past, and still have a tendency to overanalyse things!

      Of course, please feel free to share this with the Facebook group- it’d be an honour. I’m no longer on Twitter, but please feel free to contact me here.

      Thank you my love- xxx

  3. This was very appropriate today. I woke up exhausted and truly do not want to go to work. Trying to justify taking a sick day.

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