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Feb 262015
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Yep, it’s a very random title for a very random audio, but feelings of unworthiness is something that I’ve been brushing up against a lot recently, and it’s bene really playing out in my life in one area in particular. My husband is changing jobs soon and all of a sudden, just after returning from Bali, we have an opportunity to go to Japan, a country we have both wanted to go to ever since we started dating.

All of the lessons I’m learning at the moment I hope will benefit you in some way over the weeks and months to come, but this week especially has been particularly hard for me. I think a lot of us have slight issues around worth, confidence and abundance in some form, and you’ll laugh at how the Universe was trying to give me signals that I indeed was worthy in this audio.

In this 10 minute audio, you’ll hear about:

  • the ways in which I’ve been feeling low and unworthy and how this has been playing out (it hasn’t finished yet!)
  • the incredible ways I’ve been tracking abundance and luck over the last few weeks
  • why I didn’t feel worthy of having another holiday
  • why you don’t always have to wait until you’re shattered and burnout for a holiday or break away
  • whether we’re going or not(!) and what we might be getting up to

You’ll also notice that my throat starts to get scratchy half way through, yet another indicator of the fact that I still don’t feel comfortable talking about feelings of worthiness and self-love (more work to do, me-thinks).

Unworthiness, Abundance, Skiing and Japan (Audio)

As you know all of my audios are first take, so pleased excuse any bumps and hesitations!

(Photo above taken from Unsplash)

The money mindset exercise I mention can be found over at Denise-Duffield Thomas‘ amazing website, Lucky Bitch (Yep, I know- I love the name too!)

Click here for an article I wrote a little while about CFS and unworthiness, and here for one on the Impostor Syndrome.

Do you experience feelings of unworthiness and find it difficult to tap into abundance my love? You are definitely not alone- share your story below.

Can’t wait to speak with you soon.

Love, Katie   xxx

  10 Responses to “{AUDIO} Unworthiness, Abundance, Skiing and Japan”

  1. Katie, this is so exciting for you and I’m so glad you decided to go. Have a wonderful time and I can’t wait to see the pics and hear your adventures on Facebook. And, believe me, you are so worthy of everything good that comes into your life. xxoo

    • Sheila, your words mean so, so much to me- thank you. I’m so excited, but also feeling a little raw. I’m ready to carry this gorgeous learning with me to Japan and see what happens!

      Thank you my love- xx

  2. Why are we always so resistant to good things?? Enjoy it, and when you feel unworthy, imagine there’s a good friend telling you that. What would you say to her? You’re worthy of all good my love. Go, and LIVE

    • That’s a very good point my love- I would tell a good friend to go for it and stop worrying. There’s a bit of an upper limit problem surfacing at the moment I think!

      Thank you my darling- xxx

  3. Katie, everything you said really resonates with me. I completely understand what you are feeling and why. I’m so happy to hear you are going to Japan! You deserve it, along with all the amazing and wonderful things happening to you. As you mentioned, when dealing with an illness you really get used to a lot of bad things occurring. I am dealing with a similar experience where a new and amazing experience has fallen into my life, and it has been so easy and beautiful, I’m literally waiting every day for it to all fall apart. After listening to what you said, I felt deeply that a lot of my fear recently, may be feelings of unworthiness and insecurity, and just the basic feeling that things like this don’t usually happen to me…So, please enjoy every moment. You have given so much, to so many people, and you deserve whatever the universe gives you! Take it and know that it really all does happen for a reason! Much love.

    • Tara, I have tears in my eyes- thank you so much my love. When you frame it as the Universe giving something to me, it becomes very hard to resist, I have to say!

      You’ve probably already seen it, but Brene Brown has an incredible talk on vulnerability (just about to watch it again myself) and I wrote a little post about being vulnerable here.

      Sending you lots of love my darling- let’s do this together! xx

      • I’m in!
        Our family theme this year is “Let’s Do This”. I’m ready to do anything and everything I can to better my life and conquer my fears. We are buying our first home together, and I took a giant leap with both feet. I’m so happy you decided to travel to Japan. Do not feel guilty, jump in with both feet, eyes wide open, and enjoy the ride! “Let’s Do This!” #nofear15

        • Yeessss! Let’s do this! (Congratulations on buying your first home together- this is huge!) Let me now how you’re going- I’ll think of you when I’m falling on my bum attempting to snowboard! xxx

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