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Feb 222015


Today’s message, with oodles of gratitude to beautiful Danielle LaPorte, is simple, but a goodie. It’s something that we’re always told, in one form or another, when we’re younger, but seems to get hammered out of us when we get all grown-up, responsible and serious.

want what feels good to want

What does it feel good to want? (How many times do we allow ourselves to use the word ‘want’?!) Where does your body and soul hum? All I seem to want this days is ‘yoga’- the practice, the study, the word.

Want What Feels Good To Want.

What feels good to you? Follow it.

Love and want,

Katie     xxx

  6 Responses to ““Want What Feels Good To Want””

  1. Oh yes, yoga is a good one for me too! Its just fully of warm fuzzy magicalness. Sharing is another one for me. DLP is a bit of a genius, the Desire Map is on my 2014 to do list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I want to heal.

  3. For the longest time, I told myself (and others) that I was stuck with this illness forever, and I just had to accept it. It became my new “identity”. I thought what I was doing was a healthy form of acceptance…but what I was really doing, was telling myself I would never be able to heal, and that I would never find answers, because they didn’t exist. I acted as if I was being a realist, so “brave”, as if my lot in life was to be ill. It took me until very recently, to discover that instead of acceptance, I had given up all hope that I could heal. And by giving up, I was telling my body and mind that it no longer mattered. That I no longer mattered. Then, as if a ray of sunshine, something clicked back on in my mind. I could no longer just accept the sympathetic looks from my doctors, the helplessness…I had way more power. So, I decided to take charge. I found a naturalpathy doctor who thinks positively, she believes in me, and sees me having a fantastic future. She sees me as living a life, something I had given up on. I mean, I know it’s not going to be easy. I’m suffering through a bout of mono, and I’m going through a horrific cleanse that takes away all the metals stored in my body…but I’m happy. I find the joy, and I rediscovered laughter. I have barely left the house in months, but I am hopeful! I have faith. I’ve changed my attitude, thoughts and my process. I feel like I can beat this, and I am inspired. I am inspired by you Katie, and your journey. I know I was directed to your blog by inspiration. Everything is falling into place, like pieces to a puzzle…after so many years of searching, and hurting, praying and begging. There is a plan for all of us, even if we can’t see it. So, when I say “I want to heal”, it’s a huge step, because a year ago, I didn’t believe I could heal. Not only do I want to heal, I want to live a full and happy life. I want to laugh, and love, and cry. I want to feel. I want to watch my daughter grow into a woman, and I want to be there every step of the way! It’s taken my years to understand that we are all in charge of our own destiny, and all of us have a choice whether or not to be healed. Thank you Katie, for showing me where and how to begin this journey. Thank you for lending an ear, and providing a safe and optimistic place to talk through each hurdle. Thank you for helping others, because you have helped me more than you will ever know. Much love to you. xoxo, Tara

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