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Dec 122014
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Photo by Jason Long for UpSplash

Yep, I know it all too well. You’re aching, you’ve got brain fog, you’ve been in bed for days…it’s rubbish. Going outside and enjoying nature seems like a distant memory. There are some things that you can do though to bring the outdoors to you, even on your worst days when you feel like it’s all for nothing.

1) Open a window

My Mum used to come into my room while I asleep and fling the windows open. I used to grumble and grunt a lot, but I always felt instantly better. Even if you can only stomach it for 10 minutes, the air will be lighter and you’ll feel refreshed.

2) Use plants and flowers

Unless you’re highly sensitive to some plants and flowers, as I know as lot of people with CFS are, put a plant or a bunch of your favourite flowers in the corner of the room where you rest or spend most of your time. The atmosphere in the room will brighten instantly and you’re one step closer to being able to appreciate the outdoors again.

3) Spend 5 minutes next to a window or door

I have to say that while I was very ill this would’ve been almost impossible for me, but getting some UV rays whether it’s sunny or not releases feel-good hormones and help increase levels of Vitamin D  in the body. When we stay indoors all today, we can sometimes becomes deficient in Vitamin D, resulting in bone and muscle pain. We get enough of that as it is, so try and take advantage when you can.

4) Listening to sounds from nature

Whether it’s birds singing or your cat purring, listening to natural sounds can be very therapeutic. Even downloading a free app (such as this one) and listening to the sound of rain, for example, can relax you and help bring restful sleep.

I hope these suggestions relax and soothe you.

Love and peace,

Katie   xxx

  3 Responses to “4 Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors From Inside”

  1. I love the dawn chorus – it’s about half five here now, and it’s glorious. And helps tremendously… xxx

  2. Katie, these are all such lovely reminders. Feeling a cool breeze across my face when I’m stuck in bed is right up there with sunshine, laughing with friends during a favorite movie, cuddling with my daughter, receiving her kisses and hugs, a vase of fresh tulips, sharing a knowing glance or inside joke between me and my husband…Those few key moments when I feel human are the ones that keep me going every day. I fight this illness to once again take long walks, getting lost in good conversations, visiting my favorite restaurant with good food and company in tow, sitting in the sand on a beach as waves wash over my feet, watching a sunset or sunrise…Each moment in life should be valued and rewarded. My thoughts can be summed up in a gift my husband bought me last Christmas, a cute little statue of Eeyore that states, “Never underestimate the value of doing nothing.”

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