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May 182014

Before your illness, before all the pain, all the waiting, all the ‘why me?’s. Before the embarrassment, before the humiliation, before the loss…what were you tired of? I mean really, really tired of?

Sit and cast your mind back. Meditate and think truthfully, deeply.

What were you really, really tired of feeling back then?

Useless? Worn out? Like you weren’t getting a break? Like you had no time to yourself? That you didn’t deserve to rest? That life was against you? That no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t change your situation? Powerless? Defeated? Trying incredibly hard to please others, but forgetting about yourself? Like you weren’t your true self?


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Think about your attitude to life, to others and to yourself before CFS.

Click here to read about what I was tired of in my life before becoming sick.

:ove and honesty,

Katie    xx

  2 Responses to “What WERE you tired of?”

  1. My god, I felt so utterly powerless beforehand. And then my followed suit and became powerless also! It makes so much sense! I blamed and hated my body for years. I thought it had let me down. But it was only responding to the way I was feeling!

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