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Jan 182015
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After speaking with one of my colleagues today about her career and life in general, I knew I had to rush home and make this little audio for you. She’d be struggling for a while to transition into a new career and had pretty much written off every finding another job.

I am incredibly guilty of this, but if I have an idea, I will instantly jump in and list more than a handful of reasons why something won’t work. I don’t even consider the good points or the possibilities (which is really sad!). This is something I’m working hard at every day, but it’s no walk in the park. My incredible husband has helped a lot with this, which I talk about a little in the audio.

In summary:

  • don’t automatically jump straight to the negatives- start by consciously listing the positives first. What’s the best that could happen?
  • after you’ve done this, it’s pretty hard to focus so firmly on the negatives
  • ask someone to keep you in check
  • keep at it (this one is definitely taking me some work!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this- do you jump to the negative or the positive first? Share below!

Lots of love, Katie     xxx

  4 Responses to “{AUDIO} What’s The Best That Could Happen?”

  1. Unfortunately a why it won’t work person for me! You brought up such a good point…I am going to work hard at changing my mindset about this. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Yes, this is being a hard work for me too, it seems as if all the bad things were easier and the best things couldn’t happen to you… It’s a question also of “I deserve”, o “I don’t deserve” if we look deeply. And an educational question, in my case, what’s not ordinary, it’s not possible or good enough, although you feel passionate for “such an extravagant issue”… That’s a challenge to change it, really, but we are on the path

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