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Dec 152014


One of my colleagues at school recently showed me this video after we realised how much our students are slowly becoming completely addicted to their mobile phones. It completely sums up why being present is so important.

I’ve had a prehistoric Nokia phone for the last 3 years now. It can send text messages and make phone calls, and I use the alarm and notes section for reminders. That’s it. No Facebook, no internet, no social media, no apps, nothing. A few people have said I should ‘get with the times’ and get myself a Smartphone, but the truth is, I’m quite happy as I am. I really enjoy the simplicity and  ‘not-committed’ relationship I have with my phone.

nokia c2

My lovely little Nokia!

I’m not telling you this to pat myself on the back and make myself sound virtuous and like I’ve got it all sorted. At some stage or other, it probably won’t be possible just to buy an ‘ordinary’ phone and I’ll have to get with it. In the future, I might change my mind. I’m simply writing about this to encourage you to think about how you use your phone and whether or not you might be missing out on other things in life. If your phone adds to you life, great, but if you find you’re using it as a big distraction from what’s going on around you and in your life, then maybe this video might be for you.

Let yourself really experience life, minus the camera lens.

Be present. Take it all in.

Love, Katie    xxx

  4 Responses to “Why Being Present Is So Important- A Vital, But Sad Video”

  1. I have a fancy pants smartphone, but the charging bit has died and I can’t afford to get it repaired. At the moment I have to keep charging batteries externally and swapping them in. It’s such a faff and means I often have my phone on aeroplane mode or whatever in order to save power. I’m only looking at it a few times a day at the moment and it’s great! Might continue like this :)

  2. I have a old Nokia that only does the basics too. My boyfriend is threatening to buy me an iPhone, but I’m really not interested. I totally agree that people rely on phones and technology way too much and miss what’s really going on in life, the company they are with, the places they are visiting and the important things in life.

  3. I love this video, and the many others echoing the same thoughts or idea. I think I am the only adult on this earth without a cell phone. I had one for a while. But, like many, I became consumed with it, and found I was no longer present, my face fixed on my phone. I decided to go without a cell phone for a while, just to see what I thought. And, it was liberating! I never looked back. I never thought it would become a permanent thing. Most of my family and friends haven’t loved it as much as I have, for it isn’t always easy to get a hold of me. But, I have a home telephone, and that is all I need. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but I always attempt to get my loved ones to leave the house every once in a while without a cell phone. It’s quite lovely to get lost in the world every now and again. I know it may sound crazy, but I have never once found myself regretting my decision and I am definitely living in the now, eyes forward, ready to see and face the world.

    • “It’s quite lovely to get lost in the world every now and again.”- it definitely is! Even being offline for a few weeks gives me incredible freedom, so I can only imagine how you must feel, Tara! Good for you! xx

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