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Jan 282015
scrapping e-course


I’ve written difficult posts before, but I never thought this would be one I would have to write. Writing this post explaining why I’m scrapping my e-course is scary, but it’s one of the most authentic and freeing things I’ve done for a while.

Let me explain…

scrapping e-courseImage adapted from Unsplash

The Headache

Ever since I got back from Bali around 2 weeks ago, I’ve had a constant headache and this isn’t like me at all. I used to be the girl who always carried paracetamol in her bag, but over the last fews years, headaches haven’t bothered me at all. So I was puzzled as to why I’d been carrying this one around with me for so long- what was it trying to let me know? After returning from Bali my 2015 ambitions were quite simple- to work on my next mini e-book and finalise the 4 Week Transformation Project, my e-course that I put out for free last year and in 2013. I was super clear on everything and tried to get to work on it. But, there was huge, agonising resistance.


I have to be honest and say that resisting something I’m excited by really isn’t like me at all. Even if I’m not 100% motivated by something or slightly scared, my type-A tendencies usually kick in and save me. But every time my husband asked me about my plans or schedule for the e-course, I would feel incredibly heavy and brush it off with a casual, “Ah, you know- coming along”. He twigged that something was going on, but just presumed that it was a little bit of creative resistance.

Something Changed

I was going through all of the old materials that I’d prepared over the last few years and it all felt so foreign to me. Changing the font and images wasn’t the problem- my approach was all wrong. I heard myself saying, “I might just start over and write everything up all over again…but it’s not enough”.

Then, I got it.

It’s not enough

An e-course to get your head around CFS is not going to cut it. I’m not serving you at all by doing it. I can make all the videos and PDFs I want, but I still wouldn’t be helping you at all. I might be scratching the surface, but it’s not enough.

The truth is, I thought because I was a blogger, I should be creating an e-course. They seem to be so popular, and I’ve completed many of them too, so that would be the natural way to go, right? Not this time.

The name also irked me. ‘The 4 Week Transformation Project’ sounds like a get-fit-quick scheme, which, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, is not what I’m about. It’s not part of my story and it never has been (this doesn’t mean that I’ve never been tempted by a quick fix, however).

You deserve more than that.

You deserve to hear everything. I’d love to pull up a seat next to you, have a cup of tea and we’ll get into all the ins-and-outs- my experiences, what you’re going through, everything. We’re not talking just coaching- we’re in this for the soul-trembling changes and the ‘hit me over the head’ a-has.

I’m all in for you.

desktopPhoto taken from Unsplash

What does this mean?

Firstly, all of the 4 Week Transformation Project materials are now available to download here for free. Weeks 1-4 in all their not-yet polished, crazy-font glory (don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Secondly (and I can’t really believe I’m typing this)…(gah!)…I’m going to write a book.

Let me type that again. A book.

A full account of my illness with a smattering of tips along the way. This is the only way my soul wants me to communicate what it wants to. I’m excited, but uncomfortable; open, but trying to contract. However, on this occasion, I have no choice.

It’s going to be a book that you can hold in your hand in print, on Kindle, on audio- all forms. I also have a feeling that it’s going to come quickly- this one will not wait, however much I try to hold up the ‘stop’ signs.

Thank You

To all of you who’ve been waiting for news on the Transformation Project, I’m sorry that it won’t be delivered in the way you want it to be. But, I really believe that this will be bigger and better, and help you create more of a shift in your life. I truly feel that reading my story, one word after the other, will prove more meaningful to you that staring at PDFs and worksheets wondering how the hell to approach it.

The work (our work) is in these pages that are bubbling up inside of me now…and I’m bloody terrified.

The headache? Long gone.

Thank you my loves for joining me on this journey- I cannot wait to serve you through this book.

Lots of love,

Katie     xx

Click here to download all of the Transformation Project materials- they’re all yours.

  22 Responses to “Why I’m Scrapping My E-Course”

  1. You go GIRL…….cheering you on!!!!!

  2. Wow Katie, that was so inspiring to read – I know this book will just burst out of you. Best wishes with it and good on you for listening to your intuition and stepping into what’s really wanting to be birthed x

    • Thank you so, so much Laurelle (what a beautiful name!)- yep, I have a feeling this book wants to be written right this second! Love how surprising our intuition can be sometimes- xx

  3. Katie, I am so excited that you are writing a book! I think you have made an excellent decision and I’m so glad your headaches are gone. Can’t wait to read it! Love and hugs to you.

  4. A book, how exciting! That is fabulous news and I will be sure to pre order the book when it arrives. Good on you for doing what feels right, regardless if the e-course trend etc. Also good job for figuring out the reason for your headaches, can only hope one day I have that sort of insight. Have fun writing x

    • Thanks my lovely- I really appreciate your support. I just knew that headaches were very unusual for me, so something wasn’t right. Sending you lots of love- xx

  5. Dearest Katie, since the first day I was divinely directed onto your blog, I’ve known without a shadow of a doubt, that you have a very powerful gift with words. You have never written anything that I believe wasn’t truly authentic to who you are, and what you have experienced. I’m extremely proud of you for listening to your intuition and for taking the brave step to write a book. My complaint over everything I’ve read of yours, as I’ve mentioned in the past, was the length…I wanted more. I think you are already an incredible author, and I know your story will have no problem spilling out onto the page with ease. I can sense your urgency and desire to write, it’s something I’m also so very passionate about. I cannot wait to pick up your novel, crack open the pages and read what you have to say. And I can’t think of anything more for you than absolute success. Good luck my friend, may you be continually guided through this mighty world, conquering your fears and inspiring others to obliterate their own. Love, Tara

    • Tara, I’m completely lost for words. Thank you, thank you, thank you- you’ve no idea how much this means to me.

      Thank you- I hope I do you proud! xx

  6. Well done Katie! Go for it! You are a true inspiration to so many of us! Well well done my dear (that’s such a ‘you phrase’ – “my dear..”). xx

  7. You do what feels good for you Katie…I am so excited about being able to hold a book written by you and look forward to it being and light xxx

    • Barbara, I can’t believe that I’m going to be writing a book you can hold in your hand! Ah! Deep breaths..! Thanks my love- xx

  8. Ahead with it Katie, dear!! I’m sure it willbe a great work for you and for all the people that get it. It’s amazing how you are getting into listening to your own true and acting following your deepest needs. It’s a great idea and a big step for you you need to make to go further on your life journey. THANKS. I expect it with impatience

    • Thank you so, so much my love! I’m terrified, but also very aligned with the fact that this book needs to be written!

      Thank you again, xxx

  9. I love seeing or reading when someone comes face-to-face with their feelings and desires and makes a decision from a place of honesty and love. Good on you, Katie!

  10. Go Katie! I can’t wait to read your book!!

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