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The number one complaint I get from those with Chronic Illness?

Nobody understands what it’s like. Nobody gets it.

I know exactly what it’s like to spend hours and hours on your own, feeling totally lost and not knowing exactly when it’s all going to end. My recent experience with a nasty hip injury, as well as 10 years with CFS/M.E., has really brought this terrible feeling of isolation back to be with a thump.

Well, I think it’s time to try and help anyone out there who’s been feeling like this. My heart goes out to you, and I really needed to take action in some way.


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What is the CFS Collective?

The CFS Collective is a way of enabling those with Chronic Illness or with an interest in the Chronic Illness Community to come together and share stories and support.

You can communicate with your partner as little or as often as possible, but it’s all about knowing that someone else gets it and you can support each other in whatever way you like- sharing stories, quotes, friendship and wellness tips.

How does it work?

After paying the one-time only fee and processing your application, you will be taken to a Google form in which you will fill in some information about you and what you’re looking for in a partner or Collective friend.

I will then pair you up with another member of the community as soon as I am able and as soon as there’s a suitable match for you.

You will be matched based on your interests and preferences in a partner.

Is it like a Chronic Illness Forum?

No, this is not a chronic illness forum- it’s unlike any other chronic illness community. You will simply be communicating with another member of our community via email initially. You are then free to share other contact details (i.e. phone numbers, Facebook details) afterwards if you would like to.

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What if I don’t get on with my partner?

I completely understand- we’re all different! If this is the case, you can just contact me and I’ll try and pair you up with another member of our community asap. Please understand that I can only match you up to 3 times if friendships are unsuccessful.

What are the advantages of the CFS Collective?

Support in your ongoing wellness journey, keeping the vibes and support high, and sharing stories with a like-minded person who knows what you’re going through and what you’d like to achieve in life.

In a nutshell, it’s beautiful, shiny, warm and worth its weight in gold.

What is included

  • Collating and going through all of your personalised data.
  • A bespoke matching service, so I can find you the perfect buddy.
  • Once I’ve found your partner, you’ll receive all their details in an email along with a set of Collective guidelines.
  • A follow-up email from me a few weeks into your communication (after which, you’re on your own!)
  • Up to 3 changes in partner if you don’t get on (hopefully, this won’t happen!)
  • A special bonus! (see below)

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Special Bonus!

As an added extra bonus, if you sign up to the CFS Collective, your name will also be added to a special mailing list (separate from my regular mailing list), and you’ll receive special updates, tips on how to listen and communicate effectively, special articles and general warm, fizzy feelings! Yey!


Obviously, it goes without saying that any bad language, disrespect or crossing of boundaries between friends might result in your membership being stopped without refund. You should respect the boundaries of your partner and know that they might not be able to reply to you immediately.

Some of these guidelines are covered in this little video:

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Your Investment

$49 AUD

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(Paypal also Accepted)

Important Notes

After purchasing, please make sure you read the on-screen information to be taken to a Google form, where you’ll be able to fill in all of your personal details and what you’re looking for in a partner.

It will then take me a little while to match you with someone else who I think is suitable for you- please be patient. It will be SO worth it!

I’d love to have you on board my love- I’m so excited for you to get in touch with someone who understands.

Sending you so much love- thank you for your love and support,

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(P.S. Please share this with any of your friends and relatives who would benefit from it- it might just make their day.)


Not for you?

It’s all good! Thank you so much for your interest anyway. Maybe one of my e-books or freebies takes your fancy?

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