CFS Freebies



A little selection of CFS Freebies- more to come!

A Guide to CFS for Family and Friends

Simple and to-the-point, this guide is aimed and family and friends who are struggling for ways to help loved ones with CFS/M.E.

Click here to download your free copy.

Family and Friends E-Book CFS

The Little CFS Book of Chakras

Click here to download your free copy.

chakras ebook

Katie, I just gobbled up your first e-book, The Little Book of CFS Chakras. I can’t believe I didn’t read it right away. I’ve always been fascinated with Chakras, but it just seemed like there was so much information, it was overwhelming at times. You were able to simplify it and make it seem so easy. I realise, as most people with a chronic illness, that my Chakras are completely out of balance. Just meditating and placing colours into my Chakras was wonderful. I am excited to learn more on the subject. Thank you for introducing me to something with life changing results. Your way of writing and use of personal experiences speaks to my life directly. You give me hope I will one day be 100% healed. – Tara B.

4 Week Transformation Project Materials


The 4 Week Transformation Project was a free e-course that I ran in 2013 and 2014. However, something bigger is on the way (read more about this here), so click on the links below to see what it was all about (for free!)

//  Week 1  //  Week 2  //  Week 3  //  Week 4  //

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Manifesto

Click here to download your own copy for free.

The CFS Manifesto

The CFS Fear Manifesto

Click here to download.

CFS fear manifesto


11 Ways to Feel Instantly Better With CFS/M.E.

Click here to download.

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  1. These are fantastic tools Katie, thank you for sharing.

  2. Katie, what an inspiration & beautiful, generous soul you are. Thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Joanne, Scotland xxxOOO

    • Thank you beautiful Joanne! Sending lots of love to Scotland- it holds a big place in my heart! (My husband’s family live there and I studied in Edinburgh!) xx

  3. Thank you, my darling. I’m sure your book will be a complete success, you really know how to deal with it, and you are really sincere, you transmit the hope and the real possibility to heal. I’m wishing it is finished and ready…

    • Thank you so much my love- that really means a lot. I think the writing process will be very revealing- let’s see what happens! xx

  4. Thank you.

  5. Thank you so much for these! I have printed off the CFS Manifesto to pin up in my kitchen :)
    Victoria x

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