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I know exactly how you’re feeling…how in the world did this happen?

Please know that this is not your fault.

I know that a lot of people around you have tried to make you feel better, but really, they have absolutely no idea.

Unless you’ve experienced CFS there is no way you could possibly know what it’s like to:

  • Sleep 22 hours a day and still be tired.
  • Feel like half a person… sometimes not even half a person.
  • Isolated.
  • Alone.
  • Misunderstood.
  • Ashamed.
  • Trapped.

The list goes on and on, and this is just the beginning. Don’t even get me started on relapses. I know this because I felt all of those things (plus a bunch more) too.

You can see my 10 year battle with CFS here, and believe me when I say that it was incredibly difficult for me to write these experiences down, just as it’s difficult for you to put your hand up and ask for a little guidance.

You have done absolutely nothing wrong, but you will tell yourself over and over again that this illness and the circumstances you find yourself in are completely your fault. You will tell yourself that you’re stuck, and nobody can help you, so you should just give up.

But this is where I come in.

Katie CFS

I’m not a coach or a teacher. I’m a mentor and a friend. Someone who was battered and bruised by chronic illness, but who came out the other side in a way she never felt or dreamed was possible. I lend a helping hand to guide you through what has been and might still be a dark time in your life, and hopefully let some light in.

I never thought in a million years that I’d be helping people through CFS, but every session with such beautiful clients makes my heart melt a little. We plug into you as a person (remember you?), not the ‘sick’ you that everyone else sees, and explore practical strategies that are individually suited to you and your recovery (because what works for one person might not work for you. You are gorgeously unique.)

I don’t set crazy targets. I don’t push clients beyond their comfort zones because I know how delicate you’re feeling and how much of an effort it is to sit in front of a screen and be vulnerable with a total stranger for a while.

I know, because I pushed and pushed and relapsed well into the double figures. I know because I still carry my CFS scars.

My role is to help you explore where you are and acknowledge how far you’ve come. My role is remind you of your strength and courage.

Together, we will gently explore how you can heal your body, your mind and ultimately, your life.

You know it all already, I’m just here to remind you.


hanging flower

My sessions are perfect if:

  • You’ve tried EVERYTHING and you’re still struggling.
  • You need advice from somebody who has experienced CFS firsthand.
  • You’ve hit an obstacle and you’re not sure where to turn next.
  • you’ve tried explaining it to people around you, but their eyes glaze over or they just don’t listen.
  • you’re still relapsing and you’ve no idea why.

It’s also important to know that these sessions aren’t for everyone.

My sessions are not for you if:

  • You’re just interested in the ‘one thing’ I did to help heal. I’m not a ‘silver bullet’ kind of person. I believe that if you’re just after the silver bullet, you’re missing out a golden opportunity to learn for life. Also, our journeys are different. It’s about finding what works for you.
  • You want to work with a qualified counsellor, psychologist, life coach or nutritionist. I draw on my own resources based on my experience of illness during my session. (Please see my disclaimer for more on this).
  • You just want to pick my brain. If this is the case, maybe spending a nice afternoon with a pot of tea and a couple of my blog posts or my book might suit you better.
  • You’re stuck in a negative mindset and you’re not open to advice. Maybe you’re just not ready yet. My mentoring will only work if you approach it with an open mind and open heart.

How does CFS Mentoring work?

I can’t make you better in one session (I wish!), but what I will do is give you some insights and action steps that will leave you feeling positive, hopeful and a bit more like your old self (perhaps for the first time in ages).

I offer individual sessions for those who are ready for in-depth insights and perspective shifts. If you’d like further guidance, sessions can be

All sessions are conducted via Skype, and can be either a voice or video call, depending on your preference. I frequently give mentoring sessions as voice calls when people are in bed.

Press play below to hear me talking a little bit about mentoring sessions:



beach handstand

Kind Words

“I’d definitely work with Katie again in the future. She has such a beautiful, reassuring and encouraging energy that makes you feel really safe to explore what you’re doing. – Elizabeth”

“Thank you again for the session, it was great and absolutely loved the feeling of joy and lightness I got after the session.” – J.

Individual Sessions

Individual session are ideal if you want some clear guidance and insights on one or two sticking points that you have at the moment. What needs to come up in a session always comes up, and this allows us to shed a little light on how you can move forward which is perfect for you, and only you.

Your investment:

Option 1: $75 AUD for a 60-minute ‘Awakening’ session



Option 2: $55 AUD for a 30-minute ‘Breakthrough’ session



(Click here to convert from Australian Dollars into your currency.)

I cannot wait to work with you my darling.

Love, Katie    xxx

* Not feeling ready for mentoring just yet? No worries my lovelies- maybe these might float your boat instead.

* Disclaimer

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  1. Hi Katie
    I have had me/CFCs/fibromyalgia for 11yrs and daughter who is 21yrs has had it for six yes. She was accepted to drama school in London we live in the North of England and she had to turn it down. Since then she has lost a lot of motivation and hope of a “normal life” can you help either of us.

    Kind regards

    Karen & Jazmin

    • Karen, thank you for your message- sending lots of love to you and Jazmin. My book, ‘Finding M.E.’ might help and there’s a lot of information already on the blog. Doing a search might be the quickest way to find what you’re looking for- click here for all the details.

      Sending you both lots of love- keep smiling- xx

      • Hi Katie – I just found your website today and I am sifting through all the great info and comments when I came upon this one. I would like to throw out a “possibility” for a cause to Fibromyalgia and CFS as well as some related autoimmune diseases because the above comment resonates loudly w/ what I have believed and experience for. While on my own personal adulthood journey through this disease process. In the early 1980’s I was an American Student living in the North London neighborhood of MaidaVale when my illness and problems began to rear their ugly heads. My pain became so intolerable that the good British Doctors said I had to return home and be hospitalized there since I was too sick to carry on and was not covered by the socialized medical care in England. Paying out of pocket for hospitalization is not possible as we all know – anywhere you live! The journey back to the states and subsequent hospitalization w/ all the very best physicians brought no answers. Although my X-rays revealed severe leeching of calcium from my back and pelvis bones – a condition called ankylosing spondylitis was thrown around as a possible diagnosis – but my bloodwork and labtests didn’t fit any “mold/model” for anything specific. We all know how that story goes…. Nearly 35 yrs later and several more acute episodes of hospitalization and immobilization – the Orthpedics and Rheumatologists and Endocrinologists say “don’t worry about it” because my lab work is always “normal”. Recent advances in naturopathic medicine as well as researching holistic and integrative medicine for my pets has set me on my own journey for self exploration to ease my own chronic and often acute/ debilitating symptoms. I have learned A LOT over the years too. The thing that helps me the best are some of the things you mention in your blogging already: Magnesium is wonderful!! I swear by it and also take Epsom Salt baths as often as possible!! Epsom Salt has Magnesium in it too as you know – in fact, it is magnesium!! Please read Dr Carolyn Dean’s “Magnesium Miracle” when u have a moment – it is a God send as is she and her belief systems that we are over calcified and under nourished – severely from a shortage of Magnesium in our diets. I take Flax seed oil and Aloe Vera juice too – which is great for the gut – as are probiotics which I take too!! Everything is so related to the GI system – aka the gut!! That is why it is called the second brain today. Autoimmune diseases are often called metabolic diseases – they initiate in the gut – we have trillions of microbes and enzymes and nerve endings lining the gut and if we don’t heal the gut, we won’t “cure” diseases. I take enzymes and amino acids too but that is for another post! As for my “theory” – and it is based on nearly 35 of living with and suffering from chronic and acute fibromyalgia and CFS and RA and Hashimotos Thyroidits, and possibly AS too – not only are all these autoimmune illnesses genetic and hereditary but they lay dormant in us until something triggers an “event” that creates an “episode” of the Illness. Once it surfaces it is here to stay – almost like a herpes cold sore that keeps coming back again and again (incidentally, the herpes virus is also thought to be a triggering autoimmune response too). So what to do? Find out the cause (I know – like a needle in a haystack) and avoid it like the plague! (Yes, Pun intended!!). Here is why I connect it to my NorthLondon college stay – the tap water in England is horrible – we drank it back then and it tastes like lead or God only knows what else! I am convinced that the toxicity in the drinking water has a lot to do with this epidemic of autoimmune diseases we see today. It stays in our systems forever – chelation doesn’t really work all that well on people and it’s risky too. So what to do? I buy all my own drinking water – high alkalinity of 8.5 and above – and it helps me tremendously!! The acidity in our regular drinking water Wreaks havoc on our immune systems and our guts. The response and outcome?? Autoimmune diseases like fibromyalgia and CFS. Our hormonal fluctuations become crazy in both menses and menopause and mixing all this togwther is not only toxic but debilitating to our bodies from the immune system to the guy to the autoimmune sensitivities – in essence the body fighting back out of confusion against it’s own immune defenses! All of this becomes an inner war that manifests in hundreds of didfweent variations of autoimmune diagnoses. I highly recommend adding alkaline water to your diet and elimiating all other water – never ever drink tap water unless of course you are in a life or death situation -‘but alkaline water will get your Ph levels up and ultimately benefit your health as you detox your body from too much acidity to achieve good health. Just my two cents…hope it is beneficial to you and your readers!

        • Hmmm, this is so interesting, Katrina! (I know what you mean about water in London, by the way- it’s not the best!) Would you say that a water filter could also help?

          Glad I’ve found a fellow magnesium/epsom salts fan!

          Thanks for sharing, my love- xx

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