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Relapses really tested everything I thought I knew about myself as a person and what I understood about my illness. I didn’t expect this book to be as painful to write as it was, but it definitely brought back lots of unpleasant memories and feelings for me.

The Little CFS Book of Relapse

My second e-book focuses on getting through relapses and goes well with my first e-book on acceptance. Relapses were the one thing that, try as I might, I just could not understand (maybe trying too hard was part of the problem). They were completely unpredictable, demoralising and I found myself constantly having to explain myself to others. Why was I a little better yesterday, but was even worse today?

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A Bit Of Background…

This second book, ‘The Little CFS Book of Relapse’, is one in a series of mini e-books about the ins-and-outs of CFS and fatigue-related illness. It is aimed at those on their own healing journeys, but I will eventually have some books to help those without CFS to understand what the illness means and how it can affect us.

Because the book is part of a mini-series, the price will be less than a standard e-book. I hope that we’ll be able to put it up as a Kindle book and in the Apple store very shortly as well.

This Book is for you if:

  • Relapses are the number one thing you’re struggling with at the moment.
  • You feel as though your relapses are here to teach you something.
  • You’re at your wits end.
  • You feel like nobody understands you (to be honest, you don’t really get it yourself either).

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Book Contents

  • Don’t Write Yourself Off
  • How To Spot Your Relapse Triggers
  • How To Cope With Relapse
  • Relapses – the Bigger Picture
  • How To Explain Relapse To Others
  • Don’t Live In Fear Of Relapse
  • In Short…

Pay What You Can

This book is a ‘Pay What You Want’ e-book, meaning that there is a recommended price, but you are welcome to give a fair price and pay what you want.

You will receive both the PDF and the iBook version of the e-book.

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ON NOWAlso available to buy as a bundle with the Little CFS Book of Acceptance

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