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As a passionate teacher, speaker, writer, mentor and creator of the Take Care Project, I’m absolutely honoured to call Conquering Fear Spiritually my home, a name which encompasses a motto I live by every day, and also serves as a twist on CFS (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), one of the main focuses of my writing.

Conquering Fear Spiritually and my teachings have been included in many online and numerous print publications. I am passionate about participating in interviews which might help readers to start their own healing journey and live a healthy, miraculous life. As a classroom teacher for the last 10 years, I use the skills honed here to create engaging and compelling presentations and speeches for numerous occasions and events.

As featured in

as featured inI’ve also written guest posts for chronic illness websites, such as The MightyPositivity in Pain and ProHealth.

CFS Speaking and Interview Topics

I have an incredible amount of experience in speaking to both large and small audiences in a confident, but sensitive way. I am also able to prepare resources and handouts should your event require these.

My speciality speaking topics are:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS or M.E.) and fatigue-related illnesses
  • Intuitive Healing
  • How to look after yourself if you’re a teacher or education professional
  • How to get more energy in life
  • How to harness your body’s natural energy
  • How to protect your self from energy vampires
  • How to use sensitivity as a strength
  • How to overcome worry in everyday life
  • How to begin to overcome and break down fear in everyday life
  • How to get under the skin of feelings and emotions

For a sample written interview, click here and here to listen to a sample speaking interview for an iTunes podcast.

Click here to discuss interviews and speaking engagements- I’d love to hear from you.


Sample Audio and Teachings

Click here for an interview I did with CBS on overcoming Imposter Syndrome and click here for a direct link to my Soundcloud audio page.

CFS Products and Offerings

For more details on e-books and intuitive health readings, click here.

For more information on my e-course, The Four Week Transformation Project, click here.


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Professional Bio

Katie Manning is a teacher, mentor, speaker and writer, and the creator of the blog, ‘Conquering Fear Spiritually’. The blog documents the steps she took to completely heal herself of a 10-year illness with M.E./CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). After being free of the illness of over four years, Katie inspires others to take control of their own healing journey and live healthy, peaceful lives, free from chronic illness.

With incredible passion, Katie creates products and services which help her clients and readers to remember who they really are without CFS or chronic illness. She tries to live by her own motto, and investigates how fear plays a part in our lives, both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Connect with Katie at Conquering Fear Spiritually  //  Facebook  //  Instagram (@conqfearspirit)  //  YouTube  //  Pinterest  //  Soundcloud  //

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