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What is the Take Care Project?

The Take Care Project is about something blindingly simple, yet most of us forget about it because it is so simple. It’s no coincidence that I run the project when I’m also feeling like I’m not in true alignment with myself.

The Project is about reconnecting with that essential part of you that knows you are worthy of all the love and time in the world to honour yourself, your needs and therefore, be a better person to the people around you and to the world.

The Project is about acknowledging that you’re going to experience challenges every day, but knowing that all is not lost. You are not a terrible person because you can’t seem to find a way to look after yourself at the moment.

The Project is also NOT about box-ticking- all these things we’re supposed to do in this day in age in order to be healthy (because who has time to write in their journal, pull oracles cards, meditate by candlelight, do yoga, write out and say your affirmations for the day even before you’ve had your obviously vegan, obviously gluten-free green smoothie and organic porridge?)

This project is not about proving a point to yourself- it’s about disproving everything you think you know about self-care and taking care of yourself.

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Is this course about CFS?

The honest answer is no, not really, but everything we’ll be experiencing together during the course will be applicable to you if you have CFS (because at the end of the day, self-care is self-care).

The sense of community we’ll establish and that you’ll discover in the private course Facebook group will support you if you’re going through CFS fumbles and are feeling a little frustrated.

This course is really about sharing daily self-care practices, keeping each other going throughout the duration of the course and maybe rediscovering some practices and habits that we’d forgotten we enjoyed. We’re not showing off, we’re not trying to box-tick- we’re just living life from the most loving and gentlest place possible.

I will encourage all members in the Facebook group to keep any comments or input upbeat and practical (and not really related to CFS specifically). Members will also be free to share articles and images that they feel add to the vibe of the community- we’re all supporting each other and I can’t wait for you to inspire me too.

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Why ‘Take Care’?

This was the title that was given to me last year when I was away in Tokyo, and it doesn’t seem to want to be changed.

My Mum always tells me to “take care” or “take great care”, and has always said this from an early age. I’ll admit that it used to really annoy me when I was growing up, as I thought it meant she didn’t entirely trust me, but this little nugget that we seem to say to each other often without thinking has been playing on my mind a lot recently (the audio above will give more reasons why).

It’s not a throwaway phrase or conversation filler. It’s a way of life, a grounded and authentic way of being. It means that if we look after ourselves properly and whole-heartedly, we allow others to do the same. It’s not just a glib, string of words- it’s a philosophy.

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When you join the Take Care Project, you will receive:

  • Access to an exclusive, private (and gorgeous) Facebook group: in this group, we can all interact and post any articles, images or thoughts which might be of use to others that we have benefitted from ourselves. There will also be a daily ‘check-in’ during the week (not at weekends), in which we can share how we have gone about and respected our need for self-care every day. This doesn’t have to be something wild and wonderful, just a part of your day in which you truly connected in with your authentic self.
  • Daily Emails: these will include an intuited self-care ‘thought for the day’, as well as any other quotes, articles or images that correspond to that day’s theme. (Emails will be delivered during the week, but not at weekends. This is where the magic happens!)
  • Discounted Mentoring Sessions: if you need a little extra support during the process, I will be offering a special discount to members to support you during this time.
  • Lots of surprises along the way!

You will NOT receive:

  • PDF worksheets: it’s not that kind of course, and personally, I’ve found having to print out worksheets to be a huge pain in the bum. It’s all very simple and elegant, but powerful.
  • A huge list of self-care ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s: you know yourself better than anyone, so what works for me might not work for you. I’m also learning and experiencing this process along with you, so I don’t have all the answers.



Enrolments are now open and will close on Friday 19th February.

The course will run from Monday 22nd February until Friday 18th March (4 weeks of establishing lasting wellbeing practices and support).

take care project 2Investment

The Early Bird Price ($37 AUD) is open now and will be available until Wednesday 10th February at 8pm Sydney time.


The Full Price ($47 AUD) is now available until Friday 19th February at 8pm Sydney time.

*Enrolments now closed.*

(Click here to convert from Aussie Dollars to your currency.)

The first course email will be sent out on Monday 22nd February.

PLEASE NOTE: after you’ve gone through the payment page, please wait for a welcome email, including details of how to join the Facebook group. 



Please email me with any questions.

Thank you so much for reading it this far and for supporting the blog. I really believe that the results of this project will help you well into the future.

Lots of love, Katie      xxx

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