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May 262014


Looking for ways to feel instantly better with CFS or Fibromyalgia? These tricks are simple, effective and uplifting.

Print this poster out- stick it on your wall, on your bedroom door, on the back of your front door. Fold it up and slip it into your wallet. Use it as a bookmark. Share it with friends. Cut each step up and pick one out of a hat each day. It’s yours.

It’s joy, pure and simple. It’s laughter, love and everything that’s missing from this illness. Embrace the joy, follow the love.

Can you add any others that work for you? Love and laughter, Katie     xxx

Click to download your own copy to print

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  4 Responses to “11 Ways to Feel Instantly Better With CFS”

  1. What a great list…it’s going on my fridge!

  2. I like your first point I’ve started to talk to my dog and ask her for advice when I am alone hehehe! I ask her deep questions like ‘what am I gonna do?’ And I usually imagine her answer as something really simple like ‘just put Masterchef on TV’ while she stretches out on the bed lazily. It puts things into perspective! Animals just think of what they can do right now to feel better and it always works even though I wonder if I am a bit crazy :-P

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