{REVIEW} Belinda Davidson and White Light Healing

I’ve received so many emails from you beautiful people about Energy Medicine, which I see as being the major catalyst for my healing from CFS and the beginning of an amazing period of personal realisation and transition. This has ultimately culminated in me sharing my story in the hope that you too can heal yourself from this frustrating illness.

I will be writing a more detailed post about Energetic Healing in its various forms tomorrow, but wanted to give you a taster through introducing you to the beautiful, beautiful Belinda Davidson and White Light Healing.


Belinda is a Medical Intuitive and Psychic and has been using her talents to help people all over the world for many years. I stumbled upon Belinda Davidson’s White Light Healing a few months ago and knew I had to sign up to her newsletter. On signing up, Belinda sends you a 7-Day Chakra Kit over the next week and it is absolutely invaluable as an introduction to chakras and your body’s energy system. I loved these guides so much, I’ve actually printed them out a made a little book out of them (call me a geek!)- they are incredibly useful.

belinda davidson website

Belinda Davidson and White Light Healing

As if Belinda wasn’t generous enough, she also conducts free White Light Healing Sessions. I had absolutely no clue what White Light was and I must admit, I was slightly scared to try it. I knew all about the chakras, but couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of this before. White Light is also known as the ‘ultimate harmoniser’ and transforms all negativity into positivity. (Belinda explains it here better than I ever could!) Belinda sends out White Light to you wherever you are in the world on Monday evenings at 9pm. Sessions can last anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour, but you can feel your body change when your healing session is over. You can sign up via the email Belinda sends out every week when you sign up to her free newsletter and set an intention for your healing (for example, to attract my abundance into your life, to help you to forgive a friend or to speed up your body’s healing process). I just light a candle, lie on my bed for a few minutes before, get comfortable, close my eyes and wait for the magic to happen.

The first time I tried it was absolutely unreal- glorious, powerful, warm and just out-of-this-world. I felt like I had fireworks exploding out of my body from my belly button (solar plexus chakra) travelling up out of the top of my head. I watched colours flashing before my eyes, was completely nailed to the bed and can honestly say that afterwards, I’ve never felt more alive. I was hooked! After one of my more recent sessions, I was so blissed out that I was slurring my words like I was drunk when I’d finished and my fiancé was really worried! This only last for about a minute, but this is how amazingly powerful and effective the White Light is.

After-effects of White Light Healing Sessions that I’ve personally experienced include: magically coming into money/saving money for no apparent reason, feeling more energy than I have in years, being offered opportunities and accepting opportunities that I never would have otherwise, feeling shocked at how brave and courageous I’ve been, feeling more at peace with the world and feeling more present and grateful. I can honestly say that these sessions have formed a huge part in my healing, and will do, I hope, for many years to come. The great thing about the sessions is that the effects are long-lasting, not just temporary, and best of all, in Belinda’s generosity, they’re free! I hope to do one of Belinda’s White Light Intensive Courses soon and will report back to you with the results.


I have no idea how it works, but it really, really does. I now really look forward to Mondays, whereas before they were a bit of a ‘meh’ part of the week. Belinda is one gorgeous, talented and amazing lady. Please check out Belinda’s website, blog, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and try a free White Light healing session- you won’t regret it! I’d love to hear your feedback!

Love and White Light,

Katie     xxx

P.S. In the name of full disclosure, I’m honoured to be affiliated with Belinda’s meditation.

Click here or on the icon below for details about Belinda’s amazing chakra cleanse (seriously, this is really good stuff!).

belinda davidson

My favourite chakra meditation

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  5. I love your enthusiasm behind the Monday white light healings! As a SoMM student I started focusing more on my own meditation and put less emphasis on Belinda’s generous Monday transmissions but I love reading about how effective and magical of an experience they have been for you — thank you for this dose of enthusiasm and inspiration. :)