Jun 262015
Chronic Fatigue Diagnosis

  I’ve been meaning to write with post for a while as I’ve been getting lots of emails lately about why I insist you should go to the doctor for a diagnosis, rather than just reading a list of CFS symptoms and presuming you’ve got it. I hear you. Who likes going to the doctor?! […read more]

Jun 232015
Uncovering and Remembering 'You' during Chronic Illness

  Yes, you. No, not that you- that one, there! There you are! Hello! Bless you, glowing and flickering like an excited little candle. You see, I’m sure you’ve probably forgotten all about you. I’m not talking about you ‘the mother’, you ‘the daughter’, you ‘the worker’, you ‘the ill person’ or you ‘the person […read more]

Jun 232015
How to Cope with CFS Relapse

  “How to Cope with CFS Relapse” – this have to be the number 1 topic I’m asked about by my mentoring clients and via email. Ooooh wow. Relapses, ey?! Don’t you just love ‘em. Just when you think you’re on the right track, you wake up one morning and you’re right back where you started…and you […read more]