Sep 232015
{AUDIO} Redefining Success

  As I’ll explain in my latest Soundcloud audio recording (love doing these for you!), my world is filled with a lot of ‘career’ talk at the moment, and it seems as though a lot of people are going through job/work-based transitions. Artwork taken from here The word ‘success’ has never really sat comfortably with […read more]

Sep 152015
A Letter to Chronic Fatigue

This post is inspired by the beautiful and revolutionary Danielle LaPorte. Picture taken from here A Letter to Chronic Fatigue Dear CFS, the Love of my life, You’ve been with me through thick and thin, through good times and some incredibly bad times. I know you’ve been feeling that this was going to happen for a while, […read more]

Aug 162015
Are You Frightened of Change?

  Over the last few weeks and even as I sit here writing this today, change and the realisation that I might  be frightened of change has been staring me right in the face. Even when I’m not looking for it, it keeps on popping up- in blogs posts, in articles on the internet, in […read more]